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  1. That explains why American billionaires paid for Ron Paul to become
    president and are bankrolling Johnson’s campaign right now instead of Obama
    and Romney.

  2. I don’t like to see the weak getting their asses kicked. Are you
    uncomfortable because, deep down in your tiny Grinch heart, you know the
    billionaires getting to extract the vast majority of the wreath and letting
    the infrastructure and civil services crumble, is evil and
    counterproductive. Odd’s are we are not going to ourselves become
    billionaires, so quit thinking, “well if I ‘earned’ 40 billion this year I
    should be able to keep every penny”, when you need an infrastructure to do

  3. Why yes, Madfoot713, I am a little, now that you mention it. What do you
    expect? If the richest kids in school go around kicking everyone else in
    the nuts, then yea little insignificant piss-ants like, me tend to get a
    little miffed; it’s enough to peeve somebody off. And being mocking asked
    “u mad” just goes to show what kind of a self centered bully-boy mindset we
    are dealing with here.

  4. Ah, Yes Sancho, now you see my squire. I’m sorry if I was cross with you
    when you insisted that I was tilting at windmills and sheep, but I assure
    you, Senor Panza, those were Gangs of giants we defeated. But do forgive
    me, my eyes sometimes get confused by shadows, and for awhile I could have
    sworn you were the K of the Wm, that was most unseemly, and again I beg
    your forgiveness. So come Squire let us continue our quest; the wild winds
    of fortune will carry us onward; “woe to the wicked”.

  5. I mean no, you’re just demonizing people because you disagree with them
    without facts to back it up. You’re a very angry person.

  6. It is a well known fact that the Koch’s and their cronies bankroll;
    pushing; Ayn Rand, The Tea party, CATO, Reason, countless think-tanks and
    general Astro-turfing and internet sock-puppetry. The establishment may be
    hedging it’s bet between the 2 front runner they own, and not Jonson or
    Paul, because while I disagree with GJ & RP about many things, I feel they
    have honor and are worthy opponents, but the .01% is in the business of
    purchased people, so honor and those with morals are right out.

  7. Like I said, you’re stretching to demonize people because you disagree with
    them politically. I mean, Ayn Rand is Cain from the Bible? That makes all
    libertarians satan or something? What are you even talking about?

  8. Ah, the poor, the weak, the huddled masses? We need to look out for each
    other, and the rest of the worlds version of libertarianism does that by
    mixing in socialist goals and ideas, because we live in communities. Now
    the American version of Libertarianism, is more like attempting to create a
    Max Max future of glided gated communities. The poor are not zombies, they
    want change, not brains, get the wax out of your ears, Omega Man, you’re
    not Heston, and the disenfranchised aren’t vamp/mutants

  9. I got facts to back me up., you silly Goose. Ayn Rand said empathy is evil.
    Most sane people, that aren’t cold blooded killers, would disagree. It’s
    all boils down to that. You know who was said, to have said, “Am I my
    brother’s keeper?” That as the murderous Cain lying to good about his
    brothers whereabouts, “after” he just killed him. I’m not my brothers
    keeper, does not mean, it’s none of my business, it was a lie to cover for
    a deadly unprovoked attack. We need to look out 4 alll

  10. If you are a Libertarian; you hate the poor, that their core message, f the
    poor. Sure the ‘robber barons’ not so helpfully suggest to, ”pull yourself
    up by your own boot straps”, when the few to none of the truly rich did any
    such thing. The boot strap levitation plan also ignores the fact you can be
    too poor to afford boots. Helping the masses is not only the nice thing to
    do, it’s the smartest thing as well, otherwise we are shitting in our own
    backyard, and it’s getting close to the fan.

  11. Cain was not the devil, he was just a fictional asshole. Ayn Rand said
    caring about the welfare of others was a sin to her. Have you watched her
    interviews with Phil Donahue, Tom Synder and especially the one she did for
    Mike Wallace? Because I have, and I read her work when I was a teen, and
    the woman talks like she is completely cold blooded. Yet Rand took Gov
    handouts herself, what a hypocrite. Rand basically said, “fuck em let em
    die and decease the surplus population” just like E Scrooge.

  12. Do you mean “No”, you don’t think that’s how I feel, or, ‘no’; meaning you
    are in infantile denial’ about the reprehensible selfish motivations, of
    Americas lobotomized bastardization of Libertarianism?

  13. No but American billionaires push her version so that’s exactly what the
    vast majority of American Libertarians think is the only model, and that’s
    what started this discussion in the first place. Please watch Any’s Mike
    Wallace Interview, and then watch some Chomsky discuss similar matters, and
    you tell me who we should be buying into, and how following the ‘teachings’
    of Rand is any different in any way from the works of Anton Lavey? Or do
    you feel I’m demonizing Lavey too?

  14. What the fuck do you mean? Left-libertarians are human beings, and
    Americana’s twisted selfish version of randopaths Libertarians seem like
    total pricks (that should be banished if they don’t want to play nice with
    others, in my opinion.. They say, “fuck you I got mine”; and I say, “dick”.

  15. The government helps the masses lose their liberty by distributing wealth

  16. Libertarians still think negligent homicide should be illegal -_-; and
    you’re a hypocrite for calling me a bully when you keep typing walls of
    texts to make me and people who think like me look like selfish evil people.

  17. Darn the Judge is making it pretty hard for me personally to be a single
    issue voter for him. Libertarians sure seem not only mean and stingy, but
    outright evil. Mike and Jim may be on my side about cannabis, but they’re
    kind of fuckers aren’t they? I was going to at least tell pollsters I was
    voting for Gary, but now I’ll have to stick with the Green Party and Jill
    Stein. And PS the rest of the earths versions of Libertarians are not like
    the let em die types we got. See: ‘Left-Libertarianism’

  18. yeah i really really hate the poor, in fact the money i donated to charity
    last week was actually laced with heroine and cocaine so they’d become
    addicted just ‘cuz i hate the poor. you figured me out.

  19. You ever heard of the term benign neglect? I’ll paint a little picture for
    you: Their was a little town that suffered a famine, and the keeper of the
    grain silo let everyone in my town starve to death and die. – I think that
    would be an act of violence, yet so would kicking the silo keep’s and
    making him share.. Look I’ll grant you that Ron P and Gary J & Judge JG do
    seem to be honorable men in their own way, & that apparently includes not
    getting paid off, so I’ll take the Rando-path dig.

  20. Well I never said I was a nice guy. I conciser myself the dark and troubled
    anti-bully. try picking on the weak or outcast, especially if your huge,
    and then I raise me eyebrow and think to myself,well we’ll just see about
    this, and then the little old short and stocky Knight-errant that I aspire
    to be wells up and yells out,”Hey”, pick on somebody your own size” as I
    point up at them. I’m not even standing up for myself that much these days,
    but no body picks on, “Dulcinea del Toboso” near me

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