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  1. all you mother fudgers stop hating and look at yourselfs everybody has
    flaws, im not saying that being gay is wrong because both of my uncles are
    gay so if you want to say something, say it to those who support gays and
    see what they say about what you said.#gay marrige

  2. And gay people should have the same rights as other people that are dating
    other sex

  3. I read something a while ago, I feel like I should tell it to you all:
    I don’t think you gay marriage opposers get how it works. If your religion
    goes against something, you don’t try to outlaw it. If your religion says
    you can’t watch Doctor Who on Sundays, then YOU can’t watch Doctor Who on
    Sundays. I’m going to watch all the Doctor Who on Sunday as I dang well
    please! It’s you and your religion who’s against it, not the rest of the

  4. I’m honestly so proud of the human race as we continue to evolve. I know
    there are still people out there worrying about who’s gay and who’s
    straight but we’ve come a long way. Even in the recent years that have past
    if an artist made a song like this it would be plagued with comments of
    hatred, but now all I see is love, and I’m happy to say that we’re moving
    on to a brighter future. Yes, “god made Adam and Eve”, but he also made
    Jane and Jessica, he made John and Alex, and he sure did make Jack and
    Marry. God made all of us, and he did a damn good job in doing so that
    we’re not all the same because we were never meant to be. Difference is
    what makes us individuals, it’s what makes us important, and it’s what
    makes us love. Keep it up guys! Let’s move on to a brighter future. 

  5. hey my name is skye and at my house I have to hide that im bi cause my
    whole family is homophobic and its sick this world needs to change and I
    support gay rights and I wish this world would quit judgeing ppl

  6. Why are people bringing Christianity in this so seriously… I’m not trying
    to be offend anyone but when u guys do u offend a lot of people who are not

  7. I dont get way we make laws that makes it illegal for people to show their
    love, who are we to decide who you can and can’t love, if your against gay
    marriage think of how you would feel if you could not get marriage because
    you are straight 

  8. they say we should make gay marriage illegal , but we shouldn’t. They say
    its a sin in the bible. But recreating is a sin as well. You say its wrong
    to love the same sex, but love is love. And those who don’t realize that
    need to open there eyes a little more and learn to accept people the way
    they are.

  9. Stop with the “it’s wrong to be gay” shit. Okay? Just fucking stop. God
    made all his children, why would he not love them for who they are? We all
    bleed the same red blood, we get hurt, we all should be equal. All
    Americans should have equal rights, including the right to marry the
    partner of their choice. If men and women are equal under the law, why does
    it matter how they choose to pair off? You guys really need to fucking stop
    with this nonsense. If you were the gay one, you wouldn’t want to be
    reading all this bullshit about how people think it’s wrong, because it’s

  10. You know one day this generation of future world runners will look back
    including myself saying to ourselves why? why were we so judgemental? the
    world now is a much better place with gay marriage legal. everyones happy.
    except those of course that still believe its wrong but fuck em. im bi.
    have a boyfriend of 3 years going on 4. i love him to death. but trust me
    nation. one day we will look back and say why. 

  11. i love this song it so inspirational and people who don’t like don’t
    actually listen to the song and don’t take it to heart! I love macklemore
    and ryan lewis and mary lambert!!!!!!

  12. labels are stupid, there’s only one race of people & thats the human race
    no matter what color you are, what your religion is or if you’re LGBT or
    straight. i believe in equal rights for all people. i believe people should
    be able to love who they want whether its someone of the opposite sex or
    someone of the same sex. i support TRUE equality & i support love.

  13. all these people do is stick to one line in the bible and then preach it to
    it is 2013 we are following a book written a long long time ago
    things have changed and so have people and you have no right to judge
    someone for who they over and what they do
    so before you go looking at whats wrong with either people why dont you
    look at what you can change about yourself first

  14. you should stop when it says when i was in 3 grade i thought i was gay
    because its just mean to the all the 3 graders dumbo

  15. Gay/Lesbian are the same as everyone. If there was a gay pope or president
    or prime minister and he banned male and female marriages what you going to
    do? I wish that would happen so I can laugh in peoples faces when they
    can’t get married and there against gay/lesbians. What is this world coming
    to? Macklemore <3

  16. the gay people are awesome they help people understand what other people
    are gay people are nice to you if you treat them right

  17. Regardless of gender or sexual orientation or religion, everyone is human,
    and they deserve the right to marry without persecution or fear.

  18. one day we will look back on this period of time like we look back on the
    time were equality of races was only just beginning.

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