MSNBC – Big Week For Gay Rights

Thomas Roberts talks with Dan Stone (Newsweek) about this weeks progress in gay rights including President Obama appointing first male and openly gay social …

10 Comments on “MSNBC – Big Week For Gay Rights”

  1. Well well allot is happening DOMA under pressure and without protection
    from the higher out gay put in an important seat…wow! I
    question*checks fox* Yup.. they gone mad again!

  2. Gay marriage is not legal here in Maryland YET. However I am fairly
    confident that it will pass. Our Govenor supports it so that is good enough
    for me. It’s legal in D.C. anyway so it is only a matter of time.

  3. It’s about time to see this change happening! Somehow, I think Obama is
    working on his standing after his Obamacare bill… but either way, this
    actually makes me rather glad I voted for him, despite his proposed
    healthcare bill (during a time no one could afford $1,000.00 fines, let
    alone health insurance). Anyways… this was LONG overdue!

  4. HEE-HEE These guys have NO idea how groundbreaking this is. Ah,
    journalists: eyes everywhere, but forever blind.

  5. The job of social secretary was made for gay guys. Bravo, Obama. Bravo,
    Maryland and Hawaii.

  6. Dear Conservatives, The future does not belong to you. You can either have
    gay rights now, in 10 years, or in 20 years, make your choice because you
    will not and cannot win on this issue. Love, a gay

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