32 Comments on “Nate Berkus: “Being Gay Is the Way I Was Born” – Super Soul Sunday – Oprah Winfrey Network”

  1. No homosexual or lesbian is BORN that way. There is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE
    that proves this or backs up this claim. Just like any sin, homosexuality
    needs to be repented of and the offender needs to come to the Lord Jesus

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious people don’t choose their sexuality. One day this
    won’t even be an issue any more, as humanity continues to wake up from all
    the brainwashing. Cheers.

  3. Rather then saying it is the “way you are born” or “its your choice”. I
    believe it is the “way you think”

  4. What difference does it make whether it’s a choice or not? Why should
    anyone care?

  5. It’s not a choice is to nurturing affections for the same gender and there
    is no way out! You guys has to deal with it! people can’t be all equal, we
    just need to respect every human being!

  6. i believe being gay is a choice , but that doesn’t mean i don’t like lgbtq
    people their awesomeness is probable 

  7. I believe that something would have to trigger that sort of attraction. I
    don’t believe It’s something you’re born with. I agree with what
    kiwichristian2009 said 100%.

  8. Think of it this way
    If somebody asks you-
    “When did you choose to be gay?”
    Your answer?-
    “Well, when did YOU decide to be straight?”
    It is just the way you were born.
    You don’t just choose to be this way.
    You don’t just wake up and say-
    “Today I feel like being lesbian!”
    (Or gay…whatever)
    This is why Nate Berkus is one of my true idols.
    He states it so perfectly.
    This is life not a choice.

  9. Everyone desires sex, I’m not saying its the only form of intimacy. I don’t
    feel that way at all, but we are all sexual beings ,,,, so that’s really
    all I’m saying.

  10. Yes they do. But it’s not all about anal sex.

  11. What I don’t get is even if you don’t accept it, which I respect, I don’t
    get why so much hate? I am religious myself, but if Christians claim that
    God is all loving, why don’t the followers show it?

  12. A gay man wouldn’t care how many single women there are in the world. If
    he’s like me,. he’s reminded every minute of every day but that doesn’t
    mean that he should be interested.

  13. I stand corrected but it works for me. Anyway, its not even my business
    what other people prefers. I hope that I didn’t learn that too late in my

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