18 Comments on “NHL Superstar Speaks Out Against Russian Anti-Gay Laws”

  1. Very true last point:). More celebrities could use their voice to speak
    what they view as right and good.

  2. Good commentary but if you want people under 30 to keep watching your
    videos, please remove any high pitched hissing sounds heard throughout your

  3. To be fair, more than three players have spoken out against it (3 Canadian
    ones spoke out against it at the Olympic orientation camp alone), and
    American players have too. The NHL has You Can Play, as well. Good for all
    of them.

  4. I really appreciate people who defend gays especially those in the public
    eye because they are truly compassionate, ‘human beings’.

  5. So, what we have is 3 NHL players that have problems with Russia’s
    “anti-gay” laws. Am I to assume that all of the others don’t really care
    much for “gay” people? 3 against what, hundreds of others? The majority
    rule bro.

  6. Move the Olympics to Vancouver. They know how to host the games, have the
    facilities available and EVERYONE is welcomed! If the Russian teams want to
    attend GREAT, if not they lose by default.

  7. @Schoenapan, agreed that sound’s fairly annoying, I’m guessing he’s using a
    poor quality microphone, probably the one built into the camera. A decent
    mic would be a worthwhile investment

  8. Russkiis are well known for 4 things. 1. Great hockey players 2. Alcoholism
    3.Uber hot women 4.Homophobia cant change them

  9. Way to go Crosby! Now waiting for Ovelchkin to comment! That would be a

  10. Liar! They will not lock you up for watching homosexual material. The law
    prevents homosexual propaganda aimed towards or in the presence of (and say
    it with me, now) children.

  11. I’m all for gay rights, marriage and all that… But why is it your
    business what happens in Russia? They can make their own way. It’s only a
    law preaching to children. Why do these people want to involve children in
    their sexuality anyways? They wanting to become priests?

  12. No, they do not have a responsibility…they have an ability to speak out
    against issues that society in general considers to be wrong or in need of
    changing. To say they have a responsibility is to infer that they should
    do, and behave in a way that YOU think is appropriate.

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