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  1. I can never get enough of this video. Brilliant !!!! I only wish that the
    Bachmanns (yes, both Michele and Marcus) would see this video in their
    dreams night after night after night …. till finally they decide to “come
    out of the closet.” It’s more than obvious that Marcus Bachmann is a
    “closet case,” but I’m starting to believe that his so-called wife is as
    well. Gotta go now ……. time to watch the video again …………

  2. “Heaven Help Me!” You Can’t Pray “The Gay Away” FLASH MOB (heheheh) Courage
    Campaign & happy tears. watch & see xxmm.

  3. Do you find it interesting how many groups use song and dance to get their
    message out to the masses? I find it one of the more interesting evolutions
    of public behavior. We might say the sit in has become the sing and dance

    It is effective. This video as an example was one of the most viewed videos
    over the past few days.

    Could it be that the days of angry mobs carrying signs outside of the event
    are now over?

  4. *
    *Top Trending Video on YouTube!*
    *You Can’t Pray Away the Gay Michelle Bachmann*

  5. Pro-Gay Rights Flash Mob At A Michele Bachmann Speech
    I love flash mobs. But a flash mob for a good cause? Yes please.

  6. These people seem ignorant to me, if people want to change just leave them
    alone and let them, it’s worked for many people, pro gay people seem every
    intolerant of the opinion of others.

  7. @Jealkeja Okay you aren’t the first person to make a blanket statement like
    this so to set the record straight – over half of these dancers are
    straight mothers, fathers, grandmothers, sisters, brothers – people who are
    tired of having those they love put down and treated as second class
    citizens. They simply support gay rights and showed up to dance. You might
    as well say anyone who dances is strange and different and weird. Why the
    assumptions? Part of the problem – not the solution.

  8. @nbkcq28 At the moment gay people have more rights than the average person,
    if people don’t want to be gay, leave them be, you shouldn’t be so
    controlling, your behaving like a nazi

  9. This give me serious chills. I Love Gays (: And I’m not getting married
    until they can.

  10. Haha! I love the Asian guy who jumps in halfway through. Was he part of the
    mob or did he just learn the choreography right then and there? 😀

  11. Rudolf Nureyev. Davig Ogden Stiers. Kelly McGillis. Meredith Baxter. Harvey
    Milk. Rock Hudson. Freddie Mercury. Sara Gilbert. George Takei. Rosie
    O’Donnell. Tom Beattie. Many others. All LGBT people who have had a solid
    impact on society and history. Just imagine how dull this world would be if
    they weren’t a part of it. I’d rather have them than the homophobic

  12. I hope that Bachmann knows that this song is about Madonna going down on
    someone. I feel like that makes the blow even harder. Haha, “blow.”

  13. And as for the rights, we don’t have more, we have less. We aren’t allowed
    to marry the one we love, you are. How is that fair? What if the whole
    world told you every day how abominable it is that you love the one person
    you want to be with? We don’t want to be treated as superior to straight
    people, just side by side. Not below… That’s all. That. Is. All. <3

  14. brilliant! thank you so much for this lovely display!! EQUALITY!! nothing
    more, NOTHING less! <3

  15. @Jealkeja that is kind of funny – thanks for the laugh. I’m happy people
    are doing what they can, as silly as it may seem, to bring awareness to the
    cause. It gets people talking about equality and that is what matters. I’m
    sorry you feel embarrassed by it. Maybe in time it will simply make you
    smile. I do highly recommend breaking into a dance in public – it feels
    great! Based on the overwhelmingly positive responses – I’m thinking the
    attention is mostly a positive thing.

  16. @Jealkeja well, in your case.. you would be the closeted one. dont be
    embarrassed of who you are. and i wouldnt see these dancers as gays, they
    werent sassy enough apparently! WE NEED MORE SASS PEOPLE, MORE SASS!

  17. Does anyone know where you can get one of the courage campaign t-shirts
    that the are wearing? I tried google but the search hits that are coming
    back are for different ones. I like how theirs are simple. Ideas?

  18. I la-la-love this video. I hate that Michelle thinks she can “pray away the
    gay” like, what the hell? Is she living in her fantasy or something?
    Because she can’t. Nothing will change. People are who they are. She just
    needs to shut the hell up, stop being homophobic, and get over it. K’bye. <3

  19. Name a single society on earth where homosexuals have MORE rights than the
    ‘average’ person. Please. I am thrilled to hear your answers.

  20. @rocky2971 There really don’t need to be many more human babies, I think
    that we are all set. Besides, how is it bad if people don’t have babies,
    not everyone needs to, the populations too big already. What if
    heterosexual couples don’t have babies, are they at fault too? It’s their
    call what they want to do with their life.

  21. Thank you thank you thank you from Maine. We are voting today. This gives
    me hope. search Flash Mob Bangor Maine to see what we are doing up here.

  22. @Jealkeja – No, I don’t know. And frankly, I do not see this flash mob as
    being any more making a fool of oneself than any other flash mobs. I’m
    sorry you see it as an attack but I still have to ask – if it’s not the gay
    issue that makes you so uncomfortable? I don’t care if this makes
    homophobes uncomfortable. We’ve been trying to make those folks comfortable
    since Stonewall and it has not worked! They are a dying breed and they know

  23. Incredible Video. Loved it and have shared it with others. It’s time to
    Stop the Hate and Respect All Americans!!! Note to Michelle Bachmann: – “It
    is YOU who needs to Pray Away the Hate!” Since you don’t have a chance in
    h#ll of being elected as our next president, perhaps you can work on
    yourself…and learn to respect people.

  24. @Teremy777 Go to Courage Campaign dot org – or like them on facebook. The
    woman who is the Admin for the page will get your note and point you in the
    right direction!

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