25 Comments on “Pingree School MLK Celebration Features Keynote Speaker Michael Fowlin”

  1. he came to my school today. hes a great guy who understands equality and
    respect. He really moved me. Everyone had tears in their eyes. Michael
    you’re a great guy

  2. This guy is amazing. He came to my school too and made multiple people
    leave the room crying

  3. He was at my school today, he went much deeper in his presentation for are
    school, almost everyone sparked a few tears. There was a part that wasn’t
    in this video that he said today was with the disabled kid. He said(as the
    disabled kid) this man came to my school once, and said if you could have
    one super power, would u fly or be invisible. He shouted fly! The man asked
    why, and he said because you don’t need a super power to feel invisible.

  4. He came to my school today and did a little bit of a different presentation
    and it was very deep and very inspirational and he was able to crack funny
    jokes and he was hilarious but he did teach us a very amazing lesson and he
    is awesome

  5. I was truly moved by his performance today at my school. I balled my eyes
    out, and have never felt so confronted in a good way in my life. To
    actually feel it, feel the reality, and he truly is an amazing guy. I was
    so inspired by him, through this I asked for an autograph. People from my
    school with disabilities came up to him and said “i am mind blown, i have a
    disability and everyone thinks im crazy, you were awesome man.” I just
    looked at him and smiled. How real can it get? I was touched by this
    performance, and i wish to see it again. I think everyone should see this.
    Its good, and real.

  6. He came to my school today. Everyone was so sad at the part, the teachers
    were crying. He is a great man.

  7. he came to my school 2 days ago and it was so touching, everybody left from
    it really inspired…he was just great

  8. You know honestly when he came to my school the day after MLK Day, I was
    expecting the usual remembrance of MLK alongside some white guilt, so my
    expectations were pretty low. But this man immediately had the audience
    tuned in after a few hilarious jokes. His performance was comical, serious,
    and tear-jerking. Brilliant man.

  9. this man came into my school today and freaking blew my mind…..i love you
    Doctor Fowlin, even though titles don’t matter 🙂

  10. @Bombardie8 youre just an asshole and youre the reason why we’re still
    having issues with human/black rights today.

  11. If I had to choose between flying or invisibility my answer would be flying
    because I am already invisible to so many people.

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