2 Comments on “Putin Defends Anti-LGBT Laws: Russia Has ‘Softer, Liberal’ Approach to Gay Rights Than Much of U.S.”

  1. Putin is completely out of touch with the REALITY of the world and his
    Choice to engage in persecution of the LGBT population within Russia
    through various means is appalling. The Russian People are Human Beings –
    Culture Step Aside, where there is animus of this nature, their is
    religious power and oppression. ROC – right there with Putin. Power, it’s
    all about power. Brian Brown, NOM whispering in their ears.

  2. My, My, My. Haven’t you guys screwed up this country enough, now you want
    to tell Russians what and how to think. I’d think you reporters would be
    busy enough here if you could figure out truth instead of feeding the
    public so many sugar coated lies. Get with the program..

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