25 Comments on “[RAW] Ellen Page Comes Out As Gay At Human Rights Campaign Time to Thrive Conference”

  1. I fucking can’t respect people who are anti gay. I just can’t. You are
    judging people for things you can’t decide. You can’t decide if you are
    gonna be gay or not. Either you are gay, or you are not gay. It is just sad
    that you assholes don’t care about that. Homosexualls have suffered very
    hard and went thru horrible lifetimes. Think one second about this: What
    would you do, if one day your own child comes to you and says he/she is
    gay… !!!!!!! Would you hate your kid now??? I am from Germany so im not
    religious but can’t you just give a shit on the bible about that? It is
    just a book which is very likely not even real. 

  2. Why is this headline news over the fact fukushima’s reactor number 4 is
    slowly tipping over, and that current estimations for another large
    earthquake in the area is 95% in the next 3 years (literally any moment it
    could fall on its own OR fall due to earthquake). Not to mention the small
    nuclear explosions deep underground from the melted core burning into the

    Or the MANY MANY MANY other things going on in the world OF ACTUAL
    why does any one fucking care about THIS?


  3. I used to fantasize about Ellen Page I guess it was never meant to be cuz
    shes a freckle face lesbo.

  4. self serving.. selfish.. prideful.. and excuse me make a fucking
    difference in what?? help twist and bend the weak fragile mind of these
    poor sheeple? I am happy for you Ellen that you finally accepted yourself
    for who you are and what you have become. But does this whole entire
    movement have to be a movement? This should not even be a talking point,
    what we do with other consenting adults in the privacy of our homes or in
    public who the fuck?? said this or that is wrong nor right? My mind hurts
    for all of these struggles similar to the LGBT struggle, why the struggle
    wtf is wrong with humans. So so disappointed with yall! We the people! need
    to quit being divided by these media provoked wars to distract us from the
    main thing in life.. And that’s actually living……. and yet I go

  5. First Sodom and Gomorrah, later Rome…and Now our entire world is adopting
    and succumbing to their twisted carnal desires, looks like history is
    repeating itself.
    well Ellen, i think the depths of the hades is the place where you go
    Damn, we’re really at the end of times.

  6. Guys im just trolling I just wanted to see the reactions all you fat stupid
    americans would give

  7. Holy fucking shit, all you homophobes in the comments are the reason I
    often hate America. The fact that you came here just to complain like a
    bunch of whimpering asshats only goes to show that you can’t handle reality
    as it is. And by the way, your religion is NOT an excuse for your
    intolerance. Why? Because it’s bullshit. All of it. You can’t prove a
    single damned fact in that bible of yours, let alone attempt to use it
    against people. You’ve all been raised to feel hatred for people who don’t
    deserve it, but you know who does deserve it? You do. I hope that someday
    you’ll all pull your heads out of your asses, or at least crawl out from
    that rock you’ve been living under. 

  8. such a non issue. Stand for the smallest minorities rights. THE
    You people trounce the individuals rights everyday. Yet we have to
    listen to countless groups parading around their self serving agenda. What
    about my right not to pay for others to be killed by my military in
    dishonest wars for PROFIT.
    Right not to accrue debt on my unborn grandchildren. Right to not
    have certain services forced on me and my family (health care) Hell go
    look up theft, you certainly have to FORCE many people to give you money

    The LGBT community is always front and center. Get married already,
    who’s stopping you……oh right gov’t lol. People you put in charge of
    you, the people who decided that you are not equal to others. Gov’t, the
    group that gives some people more rights than others (corporations come to

  9. what wrong with her hand. It looks like she is playing an air guitar or
    jerking of an invisible dick

  10. i have no problem with gays and i think people should be with whoever they
    choose, how ever, being gay makes no sense. Example, every lesbian couple
    has 1 woman who is very masculine and one woman who is very feminine. So
    basicly what they want is a man with a pussy…..same goes for gay men,
    which makes absolutely no sense, if your looking for a woman who looks and
    acts like a man, then why da fawk not just get yourself a man? i mean if
    its 2 very feminine girls liking each other then that makes sense, but
    thats never the case. In my opinion homosexuality is just a big confusion
    and nobody is fucking born gay, thats bullshit, its what society does to
    humans. If anyone disagrees please comment back.

  11. When she say’s, “I’m coming out,” does that mean she’s squirting? Need
    some help here from the LGTG community. If she’s wasting everyone’s time
    expressing her sexual preference, I could care less and don’t even know who
    or what she is.

  12. darling you need a psychiatrist to solve your gay problems, you being guy
    is not 100% your fault the society people who run the country also
    you look gorgeous and your nature is to be heterosexual think about it
    don’t go that way that is my advice to you 

  13. A lot of you sound like Carrie’s mother, Margaret. Everyone has different
    opinions and part of the reason society is crumbling is because so many
    people are trying to find a way to prove themselves by tearing other people
    down by saying who’s wrong and who’s right. Let people believe what they
    want to believe. I’m Catholic and I am 100% fine with homosexuality whereas
    many of you are too busy spending your time and life trying to tear down
    other peoples lives and/or beliefs instead of worrying about your own life.
    If you have to take the time to say that homosexuality is wrong and bicker
    about it on a YouTube video that shows someone being proud and strong about
    who they are, then it seems you have nothing else going on in your life
    that is worth doing. Bottom line: everyone is entitled to their own
    opinion. Freedom of speech. Let it go. And I’m not trying to offend anyone,
    believe me thats the last thing I want to do. But let people be who they
    are and worry about yourself.

  14. Just remember people… History will repeat itself. Let’s stop making bad
    things look good and hide it under the banner of tolerance

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