33 Comments on “RWW News: Ben Carson Says Gay-Rights Opponents Are Victims Of ‘Injustice’”

  1. Wanna know why this guy sounds like a 1960s segregationist? It’s simple.
    Because he IS a segregationist

  2. It’s funny that he’s claiming it’s the gay rights activists who are
    insisting that everyone believe as they do because in reality it’s the
    bigots doing that.

  3. Yeah I bet that Carson would be totally happy with whites telling him to go
    back across the tracks and only come into their town to do labor for them.

    Just who is keeping you silent Carson?

  4. His math analogy is flawed: for the situation to be equivalent to his
    hypothetical example, gay people and those who support them would have to
    be insisting that opponents of gay marriage marry someone of their own
    gender. Of course, here in the real world, that is in no way the case.

  5. Brilliant. Its about time that we start standing up against this small
    group of gay terrorists who are intent on teaching their agenda to our
    children as young as five years old. I feel the same way as the doctor. Who
    cares who has sex with who. And now that they have equality it is time for
    the Gay agenda to stop. Its over, we as people are not going to let this
    group indoctrinate their filth to our youth.

  6. Wrong again Mr. Carson! Gay people are not and have never tried to abolish
    heterosexist marriage. Heterosexists can still have their “one man + one
    woman” marriage. Gay people just want to have their marriages recognized by
    their government as well! This is not a zero-sum game. Both different-sex
    and same-sex marriages can be legal simultaneously. Your false dichotomy
    and projection is vile! It is the homophobic bigots- not gay people- who
    insist that 2+2 has to equal 5 for EVERYONE. Gay people want choices;
    homophobic bigots want forced uniformity!

  7. No one, repeat no one is telling what to believe. I’m sure their are
    people in the audience that are saying to themselves, “I like this colored
    guy. He is on of the good ones, which you don’t see too much of. He must
    have some white in him”. Sure they can think that but they can’t impose
    through law those beliefs. It wasn’t that long ago sir, that the people in
    the audience would never allow you on stage let alone that building!

  8. I guess the ironic nature of not treating people seperate but equal is lost
    on this black guy. Next those dirty gays will want to drink from the same
    water fountains and go to the same schools. Oh, the horror of being a free

  9. “I mean, we’re only trying to deny a chunk of the population their right to
    live as they want to based on nothing but paranoia and our own moral
    puritanism. Why do they have to treat us so badly for it?”

  10. ass* if this was true , the People in Russia would have accepted
    them…belief is equal rights for alllllllll

  11. It pisses me off that these morons try to claim persecution just because
    their views are being marginalized. They are not being denied privileges or
    being discriminated against. And we can change definitions of words all we
    like because we’re the ones who came up with the words in the first place
    so we, as a society, can define them as we see fit.

  12. Dr. Ben could be a character on the Big Bang Theory, he’s brilliant and a
    social retard. Fortunately Dr. Ben isn’t a character he’s real and he’s
    funnier than any character on a TV show.

  13. Where is there room, or potential, for a discussion beyond a certain point?
    “You were born with gender correlative reproductive systems and they define
    us as heterosexual.” “No. I was born with the desire to use my ‘equipment’
    as is my desire despite that not conforming to the ‘gcrs’ that you claim
    exists and I demand equal legal rights!” Not too many places to go after
    that, is there. G-d help us all. 

  14. Wah wah wah it’s soooo unfair when the law stops me from treating gay
    people as sub-human wah wah wah.

  15. No, no, no – conservative Christians must continue to be the way they are.
    They can still hate gay people as much as they like. In fact, we insist
    that they do! But they must not be permitted to harm GLBTQ families,
    spouses, children, or singles. Lock them out of your churches, shut your
    doors, place your kids in Christian schools, but do not harm others because
    of your faith, which I respect, tolerate, and admire. We hate the bigotry,
    and not the bigot. 

  16. This guy makes his religion-based bigotry sound so reasonable. He makes all
    the disgusting little bigots in the audience feel comfortable with holding
    these disgusting little beliefs. 

  17. He reminds me of what Someone once said: I acknowledge your beliefs but I
    will never respect your beliefs. Patton oswaltt I think. 

  18. For people who just want to be left alone the far right are doing a lot to
    interfere in other people’s lives. 

  19. Math values don’t change. Words change meaning all the time, language is
    fluid, words and meanings change. Not a valid analogy 

  20. He’s being telling that fourth grade level joke everywhere – with his
    massive gay lisp

  21. Legalizing gay marriage doesn’t force YOU to get a gay marriage. That’s the
    problem with this analogy. Just because some people want to get gay married
    doesn’t mean they’re forcing you to get gay married. Any more than people
    having a Hindu wedding are forcing you to be a Hindu. But most of these
    people are just voicing repressed homosexuality, as an actual study by
    actual scientists showed. The saddest part about the Ben Carson story is
    that he’s actually a smart man. He’s a pediatric neurosurgeon. My uncle,
    also a pediatric neurosurgeon, works with him.

  22. No, Ben, the analogy would be that people like you insist that as 2+2=4,
    then also 1+1=4, 3+3=4, because the answer is always 4, and that must be
    right, as the maths teacher taught you it out of a tattered old textbook,
    which despite all the typos and obvious errors, must be right, because,
    well, it’s a textbook, and it’s the one your teacher used.

    And let’s overlook the fact that the textbook itself gives several
    different answers to 2+2, because you don’t like those answers; not because
    they’re right or wrong, but because that’s the answer you were first given,
    and you’re not going to think beyond that as to whether the others are
    right or wrong, even if they’re in the blessed textbook, assuming you ever
    actually got around to reading that page!

    And no-one can disagree with you, because you claim you and your maths
    group invented numbers and arithmetic, despite the fact that it existed
    long before you or your maths group even existed, and that people other
    than your group use maths every day, in ways you don’t even understand.

  23. First off, we wouldn’t need to demand marriage equality if YOUR “Domestic
    Partnership” had the same rights as marriage. Second marriage has been
    changed several times. The original marriage had NOTHING to do with love
    nor were you able to choose your spruce. Men had multiple wives and until
    recently you weren’t able to marry those of a different race. So why would
    this particular change be worse then the others.

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