40 Comments on “RWW News: Fischer Says The Sale Of Bacon Proves That America Is A Christian Nation”

  1. 1. Bacon is sold in Israel, just not as prevalent in the US.
    2. The Christian Bible also forbids the consumption of pork; you just
    ignore that part of it because you like bacon.
    3. If that’s your case, then how do you explain the sale of pornography,
    sex toys and contraception in America?

  2. You heard that right folks, America is a Christian nation because… *bacon*.
    I think Bryan has finally gone completely insane.

  3. I am becoming concerned that watching Fischer videos puts one in danger of
    brain damage as the level of stupid you are exposed to is truly
    immeasurable each and every time.

  4. Fissure makes light of the fact he flouts his God’s instructions. I’ll bet
    he even wraps scallops in bacon, creating a double abomination. The only
    instruction he seems to follow religiously from the Hebrew Bible concerns
    gay folk.

  5. Bacon proves the USA is a Christian land !

    Or friend Fischer mentioning of Israel in this context, put me in mind of
    that fable about Jesus casting out the demon “Legion” from a madman. Well
    it/they have to go somewhere I suppose, so Jesus casts it/them into a herd
    of 2000 pigs who promptly run off a cliff top and drown in the Sea of
    Galilee (and in the process, ruining someone’s livelihood – thank you,
    But why where pigs being farmed in a Jewish land in the first place? Hardly
    the most far-fetched part of the story but still, it’s a puzzle ….

  6. Proof that America is NOT a Christian Nation: We allow divorce. We don’t
    kill homosexuals and non-virgin girls. We are not a theocracy. Our
    Constitution ensures the rights of all worshipers and non-worshipers alike.
    There were plenty of Christian nations before America. And people risked
    their lives to get on tiny little boats to cross the Atlantic where a new
    nation free from the oppression of those “Christian” nations was being
    birthed. Why? Because a truly Christian nation is no different from a truly
    Islamic nation. They are both police states, opposing everything we love
    and stand for in the liberal, democratic West.

  7. It would be interesting to see where exactly in the american constitution
    it says “christian country”…. Michael Moore, a questionable source
    sometimes I admit, tried to find something similar when he searched for the
    fixation of capitalism in said constitution….;-)

    Oh, by the way, the bible is a book, written by humans that lived a
    loooooooooooong time ago and picking words from ANY of the soandso-thousand
    of different versions disqualifies you easily in a soberly led

  8. The same book of the bible that bans homosexuality also bans pork. So
    either throw out ALL of the old testament, or we are NOT a Christian
    nation. (Which we never were)

  9. It’s like he can’t comprehend the idea of a country not based on a religion.

    Really, this has got to be the stupidest thing he’s ever said. And that’s
    really saying something.

  10. This Bryan Fischer is simple-minded. Much more pork is eaten per person in
    the Christian country of China!

  11. Yeah! Can’t bacon in a secular country, now can you, Bryan? Who ever
    suggested that the US was either a Jewish, or a Muslim, country? It’s set
    up to be a secular nation.

  12. I’m glad Fischer finally admitted America is a Hindu/Buddhist Nation at
    least now it allows for the Asian migrants to feel at home.

  13. actually a person can buy bacon and other pork products along with
    shellfish in Israel. I emailed a friend in Israel, who is also an atheist,
    and he says you can buy pork products and bacon in most stores except for
    those in conservative districts.
    There are also restaurants that advertise their use of pork, If you miss
    bacon eat here!

    This guy is using lies to justify his desire to oppress people, which is an
    abomination according to the bible.

    christians can only eat pork because they pick and choose which laws of the
    bible they want to follow and not.

  14. America freely allows people to worship other Gods.
    That’s breaking like 15 biblical precepts right there.
    By his logic America is not a Christian nation.

  15. He bryan fischer has lost every single shred of credibility, not that he
    had any to begin with

  16. They serve bacon in Japan, Thailand, India, Vietnam etc non of those are
    christian countries. This man is an idiot 

  17. I can now buy Greek Yogurt in the US, does that mean we’re all Greek now?
    All Hail Apollo and Diana ! :D

  18. Leviticus 11:7 – And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be
    clovenfooted, yet he cheweth not the cud; he [is] unclean to you.

  19. Jews are allowed to sell pork and they do. They just can’t eat it

    Selling bacon is a sign of a free country, just like the sale of condoms,
    gay porn, atheist t-shirts, other holy books, tattoos (Leviticus bans
    tattoos), and prostitution in some states.

    You can even sell on the Sabbath day if you wish.

  20. Americans are fools for eating bacon. Did God change his mind about the
    pig? Isn’t the pig still the same dirty animal it was when God gave Israel
    its dietary laws?

  21. Congratulations Mr Fischer. As a bacon eating atheist, That is quite
    possibly one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

  22. Christian culture, not Christian nation. Some countries do ban the sale of
    products like bacon, but why ban it when the vast majority of people in the
    culture don’t eat it anyway?

  23. Are you kidding? In the Atheist nations of China and the Soviet Union they
    have always eaten and sold bacon. In India, a Hindu nation, you can get
    bacon. In Buddhist countries like Japan, Korea, and Thailand you can get
    bacon. Does this prove that they too are Christian nations? 

  24. Sorry preacher but while your quoting Leviticus, perhaps you might have
    noticed that pork(swine), is forbidden. What a dimwit idiot. Your very
    proof is forbidden in your own book! Lmao..What a stupid douche bag. Is he
    a Tea Party member by any chance?

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