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  1. #JourneymanWeekly 09/12: UK forced marriages; Detroit rising; Surviving
    Sandy Hook; Guarding Mandela; SA: the ANC Detroit on the rise as kerbside
    businesses attract big investors

  2. Detroits holy places???? Satanic I would say. Also there is a rich Detroit
    also..they are just showing you the bad side.

  3. This video could be titled “libtard solutions to a libtard created problem
    aka: it is not going to work.

    Welfare dependence is easy, getting a job isn’t. Criminal activities pay
    cash money that doesn’t effect your benefits, other jobs don’t.

  4. I keep thinking about sneaking over the Border into Detroit… help out
    with some urban farming, do some metalwork, maybe help out with some
    community IT and cycle projects… think y’all could handle ANOTHER
    foreigner takin’ yer jobs? ;)

  5. I thank the soup fund raiser is a good idea but I have to say that the
    people picked the most useless thing to give the money. $1,200 to make
    benches with books in them for people to read as they wait for the bus? At
    least half of the population is functionally illiterate! The school
    uniforms or the locks to keep people safe would have been a much better

  6. African third world city little hut stands wont help the economy- everyonr
    is a socialist is detoirt and a place where ull get fuked based on your
    skin color,, weirdos and losers rule that city..

  7. Detroit Bankrupt & destroyed compliments of your government who has sold
    you out for greed & profit. They always have money for weapons & wars for
    innocent peoples death while they care NOT for Humanity. They make Natural
    Plants that cure cancer illegal such as Hemp & Marrijuana. They give us
    Radioactive Depleted Uranium when a better clean alternative exists called
    Thorium that is 5 times more in abundance & has way more oompf for power in
    it. They gives us Fossil Fuels for fuel when theres real clean alternatives
    such as Hemp, Cold Fusion, Free Energy free running magnetic motors, or
    cars that can run on water extracting hydrogen while they had killed the
    electric car along time ago. They give us Big Pharma that kills so many
    that makes huge profits for greed while most do not know it is the
    Chemtrails, Vaccinations, Smart Meters n WiFi Radiation in the air , along
    with Corexit, Uranium Toxic Dumping, Strontium, Plutionium from Fukushima
    in the seas.
    Monsanto GMO foods that cause cancer. Fluoride which we brush our teeth
    with rots our teeth called Dental Fluorosis is one of the deadliest poisons
    on earth that is used as RatSac & they put that shit in our drinking water
    & so many other poisons they intentionally expose us to for depopulation
    through their plan called Agenda 21 (Wildlands Project).

    The Government is hijacked by Globalists that control the government which
    is ussually nothing more than a pack of parasites that includes greedy
    banks , Zionists that masquarade as jews, some other jews, they also own
    the LameStream Media once 88 networks now only 6 (Rupert Murdoch)
    controlled mostly so were only fed BS propaganda. There groups include G20,
    UN, EU, CIA, Bilderburg Group, Trilateral Commission, CFR, EPA, Federal
    Reserve, TSA, Homeland Security, NSA, Northcom & too many others. While all
    westernized government presidents & prime ministers are just puppets that
    go behind closed doors to learn there demands then hoodwink us into
    whatever they are while we never get to vote on the real things that matter
    even though your vote don’t count cause they count the votes to swing it
    whatever way they want it to go. 911 & 7/7 were inside jobs although almost
    all other mass killings with guns usually in gun free zones are false flags
    orchestrated by various governmental departments all for the premise to one
    day take away all of Americas guns so that they can kill 9 out of every 10
    people on earth as is stated on their (Georgia Guidstones) American
    Stonehenge that they put in March 1980

  8. Giving young people skills for a lifetime is one of the most valuable act
    someone can accomplish. With these skills these children of very poor
    families can become entrepreneurs. It can give them the confidence boost or
    the opportunity to “see the light at the end of the tunnel”. The spark of
    hope an economically oppressed and neglectfully uneducated person needs to
    get out of their hole. Most people who join gangs, become drug addicts,
    prostitute themselves, etc. do so when all hope is lost. Keeping hope
    afloat is what many in this country need, not just Detroit. Do you not
    think that when these kids go home someone does not put them down saying
    “you are doing this for nothing” or “stop wasting your time”? Yes, possibly
    even their own parents are telling them this as they are on their third 40
    oz of beer this day. Most of you talk out of your ass. How about contribute
    to educating and helping those who simply do not know any better. Things
    like this don’t work over night and fail over and over again. Those who
    have the money need to see this kind of potential and they will invest. The
    side effect will be that others will follow. This is a beautiful and
    inspiring story. Thank you for sharing.

  9. 50 years of Democrat mayors & union control = disaster.
    Detroit is the poster city for the failures of big government programs.
    Still, they all vote Democrat there. So honestly, they can all get fucked
    as they brought it on themselves and learnt nothing from their failure.

  10. It is a crying shame about the church. It had historical value but the
    moron who did this know nothing about culture. So sad and it is spreading.

  11. This is inspiring, There are possibilities in detroit.! Just look to asia,
    there are an incredible amount of entrepreneurial people in poor countries
    selling their produce, wares on the street or offering services like repair
    of electronics, vehicles etc. 

  12. I guarantee that Shinola will be put out of business by a Chinese company
    manufacturing costs are to high from regulations. 

  13. this industrial exploring thing has gotten way out of hand, ‘abandoned’
    places these days are as crowded as the city park on a sunny summer sunday
    >.< Adventuring should go back to mountaintops, distant jungles, forests and deserts, cuz this shit is getting ridiculous.

  14. A very 3rd world story. Possibly India will pass in info about micro
    loans. A pathetic story coming to a liberal democratic controlled city near

  15. As long as Detroit has brain Democrats running it and brain dead idiots
    electing and reelecting them things will never fully change for the better.
    No Republican mayor since 1962?? Look in the mirror you fools. 

  16. This is awesome. Reminds me of Portland, except more genuine and less
    hipster. Detroit could be a gold mine to the right person and idea.

  17. #JourneymanWeekly 09/12: UK forced marriages; Detroit rising; Surviving
    Sandy Hook; Guarding Mandela; SA: the ANC Detroit on the rise as kerbside
    businesses attract big investors

  18. Isn’t “curbside” spelled with a “c.” Why should we listen to libtard
    propositions when they can’t even spell” 

  19. The problem with black people in Detroit and most other areas in the U.S,is
    that they don`t support black businesses enough, and they don`t create
    enough businesses-which would provide jobs for the black community.They
    depend on others to give them jobs because blacks have been brainwashed by
    the white supremacist system-to believe that they can`t do for self,and
    that they have to always rely on white folks to give them everything.And
    these black leaders are payed off by the white supremacist system to pacify
    and mislead blacks.That is why the white supremacist system gave Al
    Sharpton his own show on MSNBC.He is one of the many black sock puppets for
    the white supremacist system.

  20. The free markets will save Detroit.

    Fact is, there’s a shit ton of land there that it’s practically being given

    Any true free market capitalist sees an absolute gold mine in Detroit right
    now. If I had the money, that’s where I’d be investing heavily.

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