40 Comments on “RWW News: Fischer Wants To Push For Impeachment By Copying The Gay Rights Movement”

  1. Putting aside for a moment the whole question of whether our current
    president has committed any “high crimes or misdemeanors,” is it really
    worth further tearing the county apart by going through the tortuous
    process of impeaching a guy who’s time in office is almost up anyway? And
    for what? Does anyone imagine that ANYTHING would change radically if Joe
    Biden became president? or are the loons planning on lynching him to?

  2. You know you aren’t grossed out by what gay people do, Fischer, you want to
    do what they do.

  3. Christianity is doomed, Christianity is doomed, is a good mantra. If we
    keep repeating it, people will believe it. It’s better than the impeachment

  4. The only people that keep using the term “homosexual” are bigoted, self
    loathing, closeted evangelicals. Everyone else says “gay”. The reason the
    Christofascists keep saying homosexual is because they believe that’s the
    word with the most poison and negative connotation in it. Bryan doesn’t
    even understand why he does things, so anyone that wants to impeach the
    President should probably avoid listening to his tactics.

  5. Bryan, Why is it that every time you think of homosexuals you think of gay
    sex? I’m a gay man and when I see and hear you talk, I don’t think of you
    giving it to your wife…though the thought does gross me out. It’s not
    straight sex that grosses me out, its you, Bryan, that grosses me out. The
    real question is, why do you, Bryan Fischer, think of gay sex so often???

  6. I have a question for my American brothers and sisters, is it true that
    churches and ministry’s have tax exempt status ? So I presume this lot of
    twats have this luxury, if so how can they be so politicised and get away
    with it, I didn’t think it was allowed.
    Any help in understanding how it works would be appreciated..

  7. Since Fischer loves spreading this bullshit, let’s start one right here for
    Fischer. Here I’ll start:
    Bryan Fischer has been banned from petting zoos in several states for
    Now let’s expand that and see what happens. GO!!!!

  8. Bryon Fischer loves saying homosexual over and over i use to count how many
    times he would say homosexual and gay in a minute, I gave up counting

  9. Bryan truly thinks that a man being horny and fucking his wife, regardless
    of if she wants it right then or not, and then blowing his load within 20
    seconds or so is how “sex” should be and is what would give Jesus a big
    “atta boy” smile.
    It always makes me wonder how many different sex toys his wife secretly has
    and how much she waits for Bryan to go to work (to vent on his hatred of
    gays and espouse on his horrors of non missionary style sex) just so she
    can actually enjoy sex once in a while.

  10. He hasn’t committed any crime and the Republicans know that which is why
    they haven’t moved forward on impeachment. They’d never get enough votes.
    As for his spiel about gays, I won’t even dignify it with a response.

  11. Hey Bri-Bri. Why don’t you ACTUALLY read that constitution that you have on
    your back wall. Not to mention that the president has used the executive
    order the fewest number of times then the last several presidents. So to
    say the president is “out of control and lawless” is not only stretching
    the truth by a factor of about a billion, but it also goes to show that you
    are a fat fucking lying sack of shit.

  12. Actually homosexuals are always saying gay, gay, gay. They generally
    prefer that to homosexual. It’s the anti-gays who seem to prefer the word

  13. When you hold no valid policy to help American’s, & seek office only to
    shut down
    all government; naturally your next step would be more of the same. What a

  14. So BrainFissure wants the Repugnants to keep ranting on about impeachment.
    As if that isn’t exactly what they have been doing since November 5th 2008.

  15. I have to assume that Bryan Fischer is part of the *Gay Lobby™* given that
    he talks about homosexuality more than most gay people.

  16. Is Fischer trying to suggest he works for the “homosexual lobby”? because
    he certainly does a lot of talking about it like his trying to get people
    used to homosexuality.

  17. Go for it Bryan…. By that time Mr. Obama will have spent 15-20 yrs on
    the Supreme Court – appointed by President Clinton – to replace Scalia.

  18. Well fuck me and call me a lizard spleen. Does Bryan not understand the
    definition of the word “impeachment”? Is he oblivious, and I ask with
    humor, to the use of executive power by presidents before Obama? Does he
    ever say to himself that…”there is a legal reason why Obama has not been
    impeached by the laws of our country already?” Of course not! Our country
    has laws. As a president, Obama has not crossed them. If he had, or
    is…his legal problems would make Nixon’s and even Andrew Johnson’s look
    like a walk in the park in todays information sharing age.
    Ignorant Bryan goes on to say,
    “Let’s make it [impeachment] a normal part of the political discourse to
    WTF Bryan??? When, based on American history, was it ever not?
    He must have his head up the ass of that ambiguous “homosexual lobby” that
    keeps using the word “homosexual” more than Bryan does in this vid. His
    count…8 times in this vid.

  19. The irony is off the charts here.

    *Well number 1: we just use the word homosexual over and over and over
    again. We just keep talking about homosexual, homosexual, homosexual,
    homosexual. We get people accustomed to it, we get ’em used to it.*
    Well, if that’s the case, than thanks for all the help, conservative right.
    I’m sure gay people alone would never make it without your generous
    contribution of constant talking about it, bringing it to people’s
    attention, making them re-evaluate their position. Thumbs up for ol’ Bryan!

    *Uh, we get… So we get past the shock factor of what the word
    ‘homosexual’ actually means*
    Yes, that’s right Bryan, some guys like it in the butt. Wooooooah dude,
    that’s trippy, mind equals blown! Next they’ll try to tell me some guys
    *love* other guys too! Why, how absurd, truly shocking! Back in the good
    ol’ days, all gay people wouldn’t dare be gay out in the open.

    *Aand, they say “Don’t let them think about what homosexuals actually do –
    that will gross them out”*
    Heh. I’ll grant him that most guys don’t like to think about two guys
    getting it on. Lesbian sex on the other hand is a-ok. Women are even more
    open overall, I believe.
    The best of all, of course, is the fact that anytime there are two guys
    kissing in the TV or on the cover of a magazine, Bryan’s pals are the first
    to rejoice. “The Gay Gestapo have overestimated themselves, now the honest
    (if somewhat confused) Christian folk will truly see homosexuality for the
    abomination that it is!”
    Oh, wait, no? They are actually the ones weeping their eyes out over how
    icky it is and how dare the media corrupt the children so?

  20. I think the party that seeks impeachment should foot the bill for their
    efforts for impeachment. My money should not be used for the efforts for
    impeachment for the president I support. Not only this, but if their money
    is wasted on this effort, they might rethink dumping (wasting) their money
    instead of putting it toward their more “rational” goals.

  21. So the Gay Rights Movement kind of “officially” began 90 years ago in 1924
    with the establishment of the Society for Human Rights in Chicago. They’re
    still fighting for rights today. So go ahead, Fischer. We’ll check in 90
    years from now and see how your impeachment movement is coming along. Fruit

  22. Gays don’t say ‘homosexual’.
    Christians say ‘homosexual’.
    Gays say ‘gay’ and ‘LGBT’.
    The only people rabitting on and on and on about homosexual, homosexual,
    homosexual is the anti-gay Christian right.
    Homosexual is a scientific term. The Christian right is not populated by
    scientists, but it has plenty of people who are confused about what science
    is all about.

    Copying the gay rights movement is following the gay rights movement.
    If you are following the gay rights movement you are being led by the gay
    rights movement.
    If you are being led by the gay rights movement all your fears about
    ‘homosexualists’ taking control have come true and you have lost your silly
    culture war.

    Fischer needs to start actually focusing on helping people to become better
    Firebrands pushing people towards conflict with, and destruction of, deemed
    sinners in no way helps anyone become a better person. It does however help
    everyone to become a vengeful firebrand filled with hatred seeking to wage
    a tyrannical war on those deemed to be today’s enemy.

    The gays have fought for and won decriminalization.
    They have fought for and won protections from commercial & employment
    They have fought for and won their right to marry.
    They have fought for and won their parental status & the right to raise
    their families.
    What does that say about people like Fischer who have fought and fought and
    fought to stop the homosexuals, homosexuals, homosexuals?
    Fischer has consistently failed to achieve what he claims to be striving
    He is not particular good at what he does.

  23. some say that Bryan Fischer has been banned from petting zoos in several
    states for immorality. Thanks Adam L

  24. What a fucking idiot. And if ya wanna talk about perverse just look into
    this inbred and the AFA hate group.

  25. All you need to impeach a President is a majority vote in the House of
    Representatives. It doesn’t mean anything.

    All it means is that the majority party (in this case the Republicans) is
    completely out of control.

    Oh, and by the way . . .

    homosexual, homosexual, homosexual, homosexual, homosexual. If that really
    works I’m happy to do it all day long.
    Homosexual, homosexual, homosexual, homosexual, homosexual, homosexual. 

  26. It’s Bryan and his cuddle buddies who are the ones mentioning homosexuals
    all the time…… you know just like Ted Haggard

  27. that’s all the right has been doing since almost day 1 of Obama’s
    presidency, the only way they could mention impeachment more is to become
    like Smurfs and use it to replace all their nouns and verbs ;-)

  28. Next thing you know Fischer will try to impeach multiple people, dogs and
    children. Well, I’m sure Fischer would think so, right?

  29. STOP talking impeachment nonsense!
    It is illegal to impeach an ineligible foreign usurper, only liberals,
    idiot conservatives and RINOs want Obama legitimized with impeachment.
    If Obama was Indonesia adopted, the self proclaimed son of a Kenyan British
    subject is ineligible regardless of papers or birth place.
    Obama is not meeting the NATURAL BORN CITIZEN requirement to be President
    as defined by the John Jays Treaty, The Law of Nations and the Supreme
    Court case Minor vs Happersett..
    Natural Born Citizen children are born on American soil to (TWO) parents
    who are American Citizens at the time of the child’s birth.
    Obama’s self proclaimed Daddy was never an American.
    Prior to Barry Soetoro reportedly being adopted in Indonesia he was
    INELIGIBLE AT BIRTH and IF adopted, Indonesia did not permit dual
    citizenship at the time he was adopted, Barry Soeroro / Barack Obama lost
    his birth DUAL citizenship upon his aadoption.
    Obama is not an American Citizen after his Indonesia adoption, let alone a
    NATURAL BORN American Citizen as required to be President.
    Why does Congress and the media refuse to expose and remove the ineligible
    Indonesia adopted son of a Kenyan British subject Barry Soetoro and nullify
    everything done by the subversive illegitimate administrations since 2008?

  30. Republicans should read their book. Romans 13:1 (NLT) “Everyone must submit
    to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in
    positions of authority have been placed there by God.”
    Romans 13:1 (NIV) “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities,
    for there is no authority except that which God has established. The
    authorities that exist have been established by God.”
    Romans 13:1 (NKJV) “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities.
    For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist
    are appointed by God.”
    Romans 13:1 (ESV) “Let every person be subject to the governing
    authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that
    exist have been instituted by God.”

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