29 Comments on “RWW News: McFarland: God Punishing America With Obama, Gay Rights, Immigration & Economic Woes”

  1. so god really wanted Obama as president? is religion a mind virus that
    destroys the ability to think logically?

  2. Isn’t it time to do something about all these ignorant dweebs who get to
    call themselves “Dr.”?

  3. If God was punishing us, we’d be a lot worse off than we are right now.
    Besides, everything that happens is allowed by God. If he had such a
    problem with gay rights or immigration or Obama, he would’ve taken care of
    it by now.

  4. Well, “Doctor” (a diploma mill pseudo-credential, I’d wager) McFarland is
    correct about one thing; the day of “judgment” does fast approach. That
    “judgment” involves recognizing these god-bothering, wilfully ignorant,
    greedy, prevaricating shit-disturbers for the GOP propaganda-distributors
    that they *are*, stripping them of their tax-exempt status, and sentencing
    them to the derision and disregard they have *earned*.

  5. Wow, he has such a high # of people he considers “real christians”,
    considering *TEH BIBLE* sez that god will tell a great many christians that
    he doesn’t know them (I am trying to locate the exact verse – if someone
    has it handy, please let me know!)

  6. you know, it their own twisted way I could see the “gayness” a punishment,
    after all this is the first time in US history it is becoming legal and
    acceptable. but “influx of immigrants”???? “economic woes”???? if those are
    punishments this nation has been punished since its founding…

  7. We must turn back to God, back to those times when we slaughtered the
    Indian heathens with self righteous piety and took their lands on which to
    build the Kingdom of God. Back to those halcyon days when Sunday Services
    were followed by a picnic and an afternoon lyinching, when Pastors and
    stately old ladies wouldn’t hesitate to use the word nigger in casual
    conversation, when we could beat our children and women were kept barefoot
    in the winter and pregnant in the summer, when Saturday night entertainment
    included queer bashing, and your wife’s black eye was a lesson. Only then
    will we get in right with God once again.

  8. Didn’t Homer Simpson look at the Bible in the Simpson’s Movie and say:
    “This book doesn’t have any answers!!!!” McFarland is babbling about the
    loss of shields and spears in connection with what’s going on in America…
    Fuck me these fundamentalists give me a headache.

  9. So the advance of gay rights and such is god’s doing?

    Perhaps the nutters can see the way the wind is blowing and are taking the
    first steps towards taking credit for gay rights, obviously they’ve dug
    themselves into the bigot hole too deep, but they can try to have it so
    that their kids don’t get saddled carrying their family’s shit.

    Just like they have attempted to claim personal credit for civil rights
    despite protesting it at every turn, and emancipation despite fighting and
    losing a war to try and stop it, and the good quality of living enjoyed by
    every person in the country despite doing everything within their power to
    make peasants and serfs of all Americans.

  10. 1 John 2:22: “Who is a liar, but he who denieth that Jesus is the Christ?
    He is antichrist, who denieth the Father, and the Son.”

    The godless nations of the world are soon to come under His swift

  11. Ok I am a Christian, I am currently studying to be a preacher, and I have
    no idea how these [email protected]!t crazy numbskulls think they represent the
    majority of Christians let alone America. 

  12. So, he apparently thinks we’re being punished for choosing a black “god”
    over a white one.

  13. It always makes me sad when I see people, like this guy, who are able to
    construct these complex(-sounding) arguments based on snippets of text they
    have memorized and can quote readily. Clearly such people have the mental
    capacity for sound, sophisticated thought; it’s just too bad that they were
    steered in a completely destructive and falsehood-filled direction.

  14. These people lie!
    Don’t trust a word they say.
    The more fundamentally religious they are, the more fundamentally dishonest
    they are. 

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