43 Comments on “RWW News: Saenz: ‘Religious Liberty Will Be Obliterated’ Due To Gay Rights”

  1. Gay rights is no threat to religious liberty. The problem is that those in
    the Christian Right (and many fundamentalist Christians) have a distorted
    idea of what religious liberty is.

  2. WTF These christians and their persecution complex always make me facepalm.
    How the hell does gay people getting married effect your religious rights
    in the slightest??? Unless of course you believe its your right to bully
    and oppress people you don’t like…which christians have done for

    Wow, look at that…answered my own question.

  3. If by “religious liberty” you mean your right to discriminate against gay
    people, then fuck your religious liberty.

    Back in the 1960s, these same kinds of bigots were the ones using the Bible
    to prevent interracial marriage. When will America learn from its

  4. I was curious from the first video if the others were going to give their 2
    cents, have their little biblical circlejerk.

    Of course you are going to have retaliation when you all go being
    discriminatory jackasses who consider gay people as lower then dog shit.
    Giving them the same equality, the same legalities under law, wont ruin
    marriage itself, you silly dicks.

  5. How can someone have such a distorted view of reality? How can someone
    actually believe that gay people getting married will somehow oppress
    Christians?! I just cannot with these people.

  6. Too bad it’s going to happen whether or not these right wing extremists
    like it or not.
    By the way, you’re religious liberties won’t be violated.
    It’s just that in the future… less people will be religious.
    A technologically advanced society of humans will not be religious in the
    same sense humans are now.

  7. Religious “liberty” to not celebrate certain holidays, or not wear certain
    clothing is completely different from religious “liberty” to discriminate
    against human beings.

  8. naperdood, & Jammin John both hit the nail on the head. His wife
    left him for another WOMEN in 2011. Cosmic Irony. What a loser!

  9. There’s a simple solution to preserve religious liberty. If a church
    doesn’t want to perform a marriage ceremony, then they don’t have to.
    That’s the case right now anyway.

  10. What churches were attacked? I don’t recall hearing about churches being
    burned or Christians being attacked here in the USA

  11. So I suppose we’re banning religious liberty for religions that condone
    human sacrifice by outlawing murder, eh? Discrimination of gay people and
    other groups is not a liberty – it’s a denial of liberty.

  12. Marriage has been redefined many times already. Look at your own OT dude.
    Churches will have to pay taxes because they are telling their
    congregations who to vote for not because of same sex marriage.

  13. These people continue to lose ground because people are becoming more
    logical and these idiots are becoming more desperate. Ask the average
    person how he or she feels about same sex marriage and most of the time
    they’ll probably say that its either not that important to them or that
    they’re ok with it.

  14. More good news. Churches are a waste of space anyway and only serve to
    retard sheeple into bigoted mental midgets while they get fleeced by
    mooching charlatan preachers.

  15. 22 states and counting isn’t a “handful” of judges. It gets worse for you
    bigoted asshole losers

  16. His wife LEFT him for another woman. Now, they can get legally married in
    TeXass. Suck it, douchebag. Bwahaha!

  17. “It’s all about religious liberty!!” – Jonathan Saenz

    “You keep saying that. My friend, I don’t think that phrase means what you
    think it means.” – Inigo Montoya

  18. When all these homophobes and sexually repressed “guys” masturbate, they do
    it with LESBIAN videos, haha XD. And his wife left him for another woman!!
    I just goggled it, can’t believe it XD

  19. Jonathan Saenz – his wife left him for another women. now he’s mad against
    LGBT community, i wonder why lols :D

  20. This guy’s ex-wife is lesbian. That explains a lot. Jonathan Saenz wasn’t
    man to satisfy his wife, so she dumped him for another woman. Now the
    vengeful cuckold is gunning for all gays. 

  21. Yes, it’s just a “handful of federal judges” that want to redefine marriage
    (forget the 55% of the American populace that support same-sex marriage).

  22. He’s SOOO SAD!! I can see why he took the side he has with anti gay
    marriage since it stuck mighty close to home & threatened HIS masculinity
    with his wife leaving his for a woman:

    Anyone else getting “He doth protest too much” (which we OFTEN know is a
    cover up for self hatred for gay people in the closet.
    Now – where’s the Anti-Choice issue he has TRULY coming from??

  23. “Religious Liberty” = Extremist Protestant Evangelical Zionist Republican
    Christians Only.

  24. “If marriage is redefined, Religious liberty will be obliterated”??!?!?
    No!, you will still have the exact same rights to be cherry picking bigots
    as you’ve always had.

  25. The old woman next to the speaker looks like she is about ready to cry – or
    her corset is too tight. 

  26. Substitute interracial marriage for gay rights and you have basically the
    same argument that transpired in the not so distant past. I don’t blame the
    religious for feeling pressured. They know religion is on it’s way out,
    much like what transpired in Europe. Access to info is the knife through
    the heart of religion (thank you internet!). 

  27. Individuals pursuing their rights and freedom have always been the enemies
    of the christian right.

  28. This guy talking just had his wife leave him for a women. Just all over the
    news today lol. I think he is bitter!

  29. am I supposed to believe what this guy says just because he has two black
    people on set with him?

  30. “…a type of sexual behavior… that will be to the detriment of our

    How does a sexual behavior become detrimental to a society? Oh, you must
    be talking about young people not using birth control, and having children
    at such young ages, right?


    Oh, then you must mean the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases due to
    people having unprotected sex, yes?


    Well, I hope you don’t mean pedophilia, or rape, or other forms of sexual
    assault and/or misconduct, because those really come under headers besides
    just “sexual behavior…”

    No? Ok…

    Well, unless you’re suggesting a hypothetical situation where legions of
    guys seek sexual satisfaction by sticking their schlongs into electrical
    sockets, I really can’t think of what would qualify as “detrimental to our

  31. Could we expect any less coming out of Texass? The pompous arrogant looks
    on all of their faces pretty much says it all. What a bunch of Bigoted
    asses. Texas needs to be fenced off from the rest of the country. That
    state is an embarrassment to the country.

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