5 Comments on “Singapore skyline lights up: Torches light up Singapore at end of Pink Dot gay rights rally”

  1. The last ‘gay pride’ event I attended was at Hackney Marshes in East London
    around 10 years ago where some ‘enterprising’ local resident tried charging
    me £7.50 for a sodding tiny shot glass of home-made vodka jelly,lol.F*ck
    that for a game of soldiers,haha.But yeah,happy gay pride month.

  2. Well you’re not wrong.We’ve gone from the politically motivated public
    demonstrations of the 70s to a kind of overpriced jamboree which we see
    today.I’d wager that around 80% of those who attend Pride today have no
    clue of the History of the event.It’s just another piss-up for the majority.

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