31 Comments on “SNL’ spoofs Sochi Olympics”

  1. Who are the two losers at the end?
    Not a spec of real personality between them.

  2. The Russian people do not want faggotry to ruin their culture like its
    doing in the U.S. Western support of faggotry in Russia is merely an
    attempt to undermine Russian culture (for example, the U.S. government gave
    money to those prostitutes who called themselves “Pussy Riot” to defame a
    Russian Orthodox church).

  3. If they make fun of heterosexuals, than it’s okay, if somebody dared to
    make fun of homosexuals, than he/she would be slandered to hell

  4. The only good to come out of this is people actually can stop and realize
    that even CNN *GASP* is just another program run by stupid left-wing nut
    jobs who love to hate on everything having to do with Republicans. Not
    saying Fox News is any better, but it’s still funny to me..

    Well, way to stay professional, CNN. 

  5. That isn’t a Jets jersey, that is a throwback Eagles jersey. Probably a
    Vick jersey too. God SNL, do your damn research, Boomer Esiasen never wore
    that style of jersey.

  6. this gay rights bandwagon thing is getting out of control..since when did
    not supporting gays become such a big deal? Leave Russia to make their own

  7. I have absolutely NO respect for CNN, and the rest of the “main stream”
    media, as they still insist they are “journalists”, when all they are is

    They have about as much credibility as a grade school rumor.

  8. Why are the Olympics in Sochi this year? Please bring them back to North
    America.. best host countries! 

  9. uh, most male figure skaters are straight and can skate a lot better than
    this. Not funny at all, why is this on CNN?

  10. So CNN, the Communist News Network, is helping SNL snipe at post-Communist
    Actually, it makes sense.
    Russia has jettisoned Marxism-Leninism.
    By contrast, a native American version of Communism known as “Liberal
    Democracy” is being implemented full force back in the USSA.
    We even have Commiecare. Only we call it Obamacare.
    We even have a KGB. Only we call it the Department of Homeland Security.
    What was that saying about the “beam in one’s own eye?”

  11. So, another humiliation of white heterosexual man. Very tolerant. Assholes.

  12. This video is discrimination and an insult of all heterosexual athletes.
    Heterosexualists same people as well as all!

  13. ▼ *The fundamental TRUTH is here* ▼
    *We need to see peace, and it is possible*

    T R U T H C o n t e s t ► C 0 M

  14. CNN Commentator: “I think it’s obvious that if you’re a man, you are NOT
    good at figure skating unless you’ve sucked a cock after summer bible
    camp! Forget experimentation, that model has to go into PRODUCTION!!”

  15. Stop smearing Russia with this disgusting “show” in pretense of supporting
    LGBT rights. This is pure American propaganda. The American government
    should put it’s own house in order before bad mouthing other countries. The
    govt of the USA is a stain on humanity

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