37 Comments on “Star Trek’s Sulu Wants 2014 Olympics Moved Out of Anti-Gay Russia”

  1. Dangerous yes.That is life.Why not take a stand.Stand up being human.Stand
    up for your self. Stop being coward of fear. It will not get you to move

  2. So we ignored China’s human rights violations but we draw the line here? Ok

  3. Takei is using is small celebrity status to troll his gay agenda. He has no
    integrity, no class and no interest in anyone who disagrees with his

  4. this is going to be the best winter olympics ever! if all the fags get
    eliminated even better.

  5. So we should move the Winter Olympics from Russia to Canada just for some
    homosexuals? Really? Like who gives a shit about a bunch of mentally ill

  6. You can tell it’s gays who are trolling these vids and voting comments down
    in true anti-heterosexual nastiness.

  7. You stupid mutherf#ucker look at GHETTO GAGGERS website you americans
    ignore the rights of all those black women that get raped and humiliated on
    that web site ?

  8. I think Mr Sulu wants to suck Obama’s dick which is OK in a country run by
    a psychopath but don’t expect other people to fall in with your perversion.

  9. I think Mr Sulu thinks he is really famous! Or is he trying for slice of
    fame? I don’t even know his real name and I don’t want to know!

  10. Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness
    for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for

  11. You’re not just pro gay, but you ARE gay. Also on occasion you like to have
    sex with children but apparently it’s ok in Canada.

  12. sex with children is a crime in the west with is why catholic priests kept
    it quiet until if finally started coming out.

  13. Malcom you stupid MUTHAFUGGA . Saudi Arabi kills gays and puts them in
    prison ? So we should also boycot GAS . That will explode our economy and
    destroy america . Wake the f#uck up ? Gays are becoming bullies .

  14. SHUT DOWN GHETTO GAGGERS WEB SITE AMERICA . To prove you are for human
    rights .

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