17 Comments on “Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz On Gay Rights And Companies’ Social Responsibilities”

  1. Howard Schultz is just another anti human jew. He promotes division and
    degradation of others while supporting apartheid state of israel and all
    the jewish globalist garbage. I will never buy anything starbucks.

  2. Ethics are a key issue in business, no doubt about it. Whatever your
    stance, it is pertinent, because it may affect sales one way or the other.
    People shortchange the importance and distinctions of ethics all the time.
    Good for him, standing up for his principles like that. I don’t drink
    coffee, but if I did, I would feel better about buying their product
    knowing I’m not supporting bigots or cowards.

  3. As much as I liked SB before this interview, I like it even more now.
    Dignity, respect and fairness is what every corporation should strive for.
    It is beneficial, profitable and long-term planning as well as the right
    thing to do.

  4. I am already a proud Starbucks partner (employee) and hearing Mr. Schultz
    speak so eloquently about the core values of our company makes me even more
    proud. Kevin O’Leary is an asshole and, as Mr. Schultz pointed out, dead
    wrong. Why should a company’s CEO not be allowed to communicate their
    company’s stance on issues that are of great importance in the wider world,
    especially as those issues relate to their customers, employees, and
    shareholders? Howard Schultz is a true leader.

  5. What the hell was with the audience clapping after the Kevin O’Leary clip?
    Did people actually agree with him? Were they clapping because oh hey, we
    saw a video clip and so clap clap clap? Did they know that clip was set up
    so it could be knocked down, and were pre-clapping for that?

  6. While I applaud his stance on this issue, his company’s refusal to pay
    Corporation Tax in UK suddenly seems a tad hypocritical. Do British
    hospitals, schools, etc. not deserve what they’re owed, Mr Schultz? Bearing
    in mind that there are more branches of Starbucks in London than in any
    other city on earth?

  7. i wish Jesus followers treated people as He did but most of the time you
    see them acting more like satan…

  8. Thank you Howard Schultz… I will buy MORE Starbucks coffee for your moral
    stand for civil rights. You are on the right side of history.

  9. We have to see all people as created in God’s Holy image no matter what
    they believe. This is why Jesus was so well liked, because he never judged
    anyone for their affiliation; he judged their character, and when that
    character fell out of respect, he let them know it.

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