20 Comments on “TALK BACK: Are Gay Rights The Same As Civil Rights?”

  1. Any impingement upon personal liberties is wrong. Period. The whole “my
    struggles harder than your struggle hurr durr” is an idiotic thing to be
    discussing in the first place. Also, 99% of the black people posting here
    grew up with xboxes not firehoses so what’s it to you anyway? Hell it’s as
    much a part of my history as yours at this point.

  2. This is all I have to say: Gay advocates need to stop trying to compare gay
    rights to Black civil rights movement! How many gay people were slaves, how
    many were hunted down like dogs by the Klan? Were gays ever denied the
    right to vote, HELL NO!!!!

  3. How can he deduce marriage to a simple contract marriage is so much more
    than that

  4. Oh please, civil rights have not and will not ever be the sole purview of
    the Black Americans. News Flash, civil rights are universal. This arrogant
    notion that only Blacks have ever been enslaved or beaten or mistreated is
    one of the greatest lies in history. Gays have been, and continue to be
    enslaved in many parts of the Middle East, Gays for centuries, were
    persecuted, hunted and killed, and still are. Your post is not so much
    offensive as it is ignorant.

  5. Gay rights are human rights. There should be solidarity between all whose
    civil rights are trappled on, to ensure that everybody is treated equal.
    All sensible people should support ALL civil rights struggles. 5-10% of the
    slaves were gay. If you go to Russia, Iran or Uganda now, they are hunting
    down gays. You always had the solidarity of your family, gays didn’t have
    that. Be on the wright side of history.. not on the suppressing side.

  6. I wish that the homosexual movement did not try to compare themselved to
    any movement stop comparing its not necessary stsy in your lane. Stay in
    your lsne every movement is different

  7. Ok…you didn’t answer my question. Again, in what country are gays
    enslaved and when have you heard of anything similar to Jim Crow or
    Apartheid happening to WHITE gays?

  8. Many people don’t have the ability to reproduce because of dysfunction in
    the reproductive organs, should they be stripped of their rights too?

  9. I’m not the person who made the initial remark. So gay enslavement is
    unknown to me. But, i’m dutch and my government abolished slavery as late
    as 1864 and the blacks in the colonies were treated bad. At the same time
    in the motherland they organised witch hunts on gays (and used torture to
    get more names). The whole 18th century they burned gays at the stake (in
    groups of 30 – 50) and they killed disobedient slaves. Uncomparable but
    both terrible.

  10. See, this is exactly why I don’t watch CNN. Gay advocates need to stop
    trying to compare gay rights to Black civil rights movement! How many gay
    people were slaves, how many were hunted down like dogs by the Klan? Were
    gays ever denied the right to vote, HELL NO!!!! This is disrespectful to my
    ancestors, and the black people who keep this going are sellouts.

  11. Gay rights, civil rights, etc. are no rights. There is only the bill of
    rights, which is simple to me. We are all on the same playing field, and
    separating people out and saying “their groups” rights is insulting.
    Everyone has the freedom to do what they want, as long as they are not
    harming another person, IMO.

  12. No disrespect. There are similarities, just look at all of the groups who
    disparage gays using the same rhetoric and tactics used against black
    people. Black people do not own the civil rights movement, ask Julian Bond.
    They were certainly some of the most visible pioneers and rightfully so,
    but to deny others the same rigths and privileges is the height of

  13. In what country are gays enslaved today (or ever) because they are gay? I’m
    going to bust you in this lie right now. Also, WHITE gays have never been
    Jim Crowed and they have never been counted as 3/5 of a human being. They
    have never had to fight for anything the way blacks have…NOBODY HAS, so
    your argument falls flat.

  14. “When a person disobeys a commandment of God, only that person is
    responsible to Him. But when something which goes against the commandments
    of the Gospel is made into law by the State, then the wrath of God comes
    upon the whole nation; in order to be pedagogically taught a spiritual
    lesson.” …So go ahead and be gay, but just don’t expect not to eternally
    burn- you know your going to die and you know there is an afterlife- so
    support straight people and get your mind together nastygaywads

  15. Young arab boys that are suspected of being gay, get the choice from
    islamist groups to be outed and killed with shame for the family, or be a
    martyr for Allah and become a suicidebomber, (= honour for the family +
    financial support for their mothers. Sounds a bit worse than enslavement?
    Inform yourself on gay rights in Uganda & Cameroon, they organise
    witchhunts there on gays (with support of white American Conservative
    preachers.) In Nazi-Germany gays and blacks were a barack away in the camp

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