38 Comments on “This Is What Bryan Fischer’s ‘Love’ For Gays Looks Like”

  1. Christians bullied in america? No dick head! Your still confusing not
    getting your way all of the time with being bullied.

  2. The very fact you even say demon, when all Fischer does is spread hate and
    bullshit from his mouth for your zombie christ? It’s not a demon it’s a
    human who’s tired of religious filled bigotry.

  3. I’m sooooo happy to hear Bryan Fischer say that he doesn’t hate me! I wish
    I could say the same in return. But no, he’s a truly despicable and vile
    excuse for a human being.

  4. after thousands of years of persecution, homosexuals are still here! Deal
    with it! Accept it! Mind you own FUCKING business!

  5. Gays are so unhappy? The term gay was coined because they were gay also
    known as happy or carefree.

  6. Of course I eat Margie Phelps’ pussy all day, not to mention that I eat her
    father Fred’s rectum when he hasn’t wiped it for 5 days!

  7. Do you mean IMPRISONED male lover? Because just having a male lover says
    nothing against him except that he is a hypocrite, which we pretty much
    know already. I couldn’t care less if he is actually gay, and it wouldn’t
    show anything except that he either hates himself, or he is an evil
    people-manipulator who also happens to be homosexual.

  8. Right, but I guess what I meant was, does anyone on earth watch Bryan
    Fischer without some kind of counter-agenda? I only posit this because none
    of the fundies I know have ever heard of him (and I know some pretty
    deluded fundies), and I can only imagine some doomsday-prepping Darwin
    byproduct watching this with a straight face in his one-room shack in
    Montana. Sorry, Montana, but you do have a bit of a track record…

  9. Exactly. What i cant rap my mind around though is why the hell all the
    drama? If this is a disease or a pleague or w/e the people think it is what
    is the problem? If it kills us off then let it happen. But last time i
    checked there is around 7 billion? 8 billion people on this world. Lots of
    kids without a home, and not lots of materials to keep up.

  10. Nothing this guy says ever makes sense. He reminds me of those shitty
    Christian chick comics. One dimensional, poorly thought out and totally

  11. What I will tell you is that you’re one twisted fuck to believe the shit
    that comes out of fischers mouth.

  12. Bryan, Bryan, Bryan, Bryan. I’m grossed the hell out from the thought of
    eating out a woman’s fishy vajayjay, but I don’t feel the need to deny you
    your rights because of it.

  13. If you are a true Christian/Catholic then you should believe that God is
    omniscient, benevolent, and created everything, including human beings and
    if He/She created us all in His/Her image then we were all made into who we
    were meant to be, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, or queer. We are
    what God made us. Besides the Bible never explicitly says anything about
    sexuality at all which is interesting because everything else it condemns
    is stated plainly.

  14. such a stellar argument he’s got right there: well your sexual orientation
    is an evil abomination…because I love you…you disgusting piece of shit

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