24 Comments on “Ugandan President: Being gay not a right”

  1. Wow! Very surprised that this video is not going viral. It seems the whole
    media went mummed on this President after this interview of a very wise and
    humble man.
    His country will probably cut down on HIV and AIDS. All they have to do now
    is to decline American and European aide.
    Good luck and GOD Bless the People of Uganda!

  2. I wish we had a president similarly with some morals. Our president seems
    to be the man of sin and corruption. He is trying to corrupt the hold
    world with wickedness of perverted western values. I hope Uganda and the
    President will stand strong and prosper.

  3. This man is a leader!! He has a brain and he realizes that men that put
    their penis in another man’s butthole are gross to society!!

  4. Simple: let the west offer asylum to gay people. Most Ugandans would
    immediately identify as gay. Problem solved. 

  5. I am sorry I am reading all these comments and I can’t help but wonder.
    WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU FUCKING PEOPLE?! Sorry for being vulgar but
    I mean what the hell?! Even though you don’t approve of same sex
    relationships, Two consenting adults are aloud to love each other! How can
    you spread so much hate and take away someon’s freedom just because they
    love someone you don’t fucking approve of!!!! You are born gay! And shame
    on those who use God or the Bible to justify such acts! God will never ever
    accept any kind of hate. You will have to speak for your actions on
    judgement day 😉 good luck with that.

  6. the African president is right its not right to be gay. God loves the
    sinner not the sin, don’t let the man tell you what to do fight them all
    the way. 

  7. there goes another hatred preacher. Africa will never develop! It still has
    idiot leaders

  8. “Respect African societies and their values”.thank you president musevine.

  9. God bless you Mr. President. Yes, you are a leader of your country. Keep up
    the true nature. Again God bless Uganda.

  10. a person who stands for the truth, not for popularity!this guy should be
    the world leader

  11. the likes of Mugabe went through the same situations but he is still alive
    and loved a lot by his people.

  12. He can hate faggots all he likes, but to jail them, I’m a bit iffy on that.
    I’m stuck between seeing the extremes of the law whilst simultaneously
    understanding state sovereignty and knowing that this is a Ugandan issue
    and they must sort it out themselves.

  13. One word and it is: “Respect African society and its values”.

    In another video of Ugandan president while signing the bill:”If the
    western world does not like what we did today, the foreigners can take they
    aid, it is part of the problem”. Damn right. 

  14. I had to search everywhere to find a video that would allow me to play this
    in united states. Free Speech where?

  15. I would like to thank Zain for posing such pointed questions, and commend
    her for keeping her composure when receiving such outrageous answers.
    Thanks also for shining the spotlight on this clear violation of humane
    rights in Uganda.

  16. Thumbs up Mr President. We cannot keep swallowing all that sewage from the
    western world. The western world only has technology. They need to come to
    Africa to learn good moral values.

  17. as a president, i think you have to do what is best for the community. he
    exercised his authourity. he did what is good for his people.’aid’ not a
    problem coz africans are used to poverty and they know how to deal with it.
    you should not make a decision simply because you need money.

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