31 Comments on “Will Obama Support Gay Rights, Women, & Climate Change?”

  1. The tar sands are the number one driver of emissions in Canada, and have
    made us second last among developing nations in environmental progress. If
    the keystone pipeline goes through, its basically game over for the world
    climate. Canada has the power, and apparently wants to, doom the world.

  2. I’m not encouraged a bit. He gives great speaches and then does nothing.
    He’s got less balls than Lance Armstrong. He’ll talk a great game and then
    give the republicans everything thing they want. Or maybe he’ll negotiate
    so he only gives them 90% of what they want.

  3. That’s because all politicians have wonderful speechwriters, its politics
    101 get well crafted PR, Obama’s one is called Jon Favreau.

  4. Why don’t we shut down haarp wait ten years and see if global warming is
    still an issue. Technology that could start or end a drought.

  5. I’m a Canadian, and I have Albertan friends, but the best thing I could do
    for the climate, would be to nuke the province of Alberta.

  6. The money is finally going to catch with the government and the big
    polluters as renewable energy is on the verge of becoming cheaper than coal
    and fossil fuels in the next three to five years, so whether you accept the
    facts on climate change or not renewable energy is the future, there is no
    sensible financially responsible way around it.

  7. Er, we white guys speak loudly when giving speeches too. I was talking
    about accent, which is intonation, not volume.

  8. Er, one that sounds like MLK? Presumably MLK had an accent of a black man
    from Alabama. Having lived mostly in Hawaii and Chicago, one might expect
    Obama to speak like someone from those places, and probably moving in
    ethnically mixed environments not particularly “black”. He may be
    unconsciously imitating MLK; I also wondered if Romney was imitating Reagan.

  9. He could say he was going to cure cancer, bring world peace, resurrect
    Marilyn Monroe and fuck her to death………..actions speak louder than
    words and his recent actions are betraying his words in that speech.

  10. Oppertuneteh…. oh god for fuck sake you massive fake. He won’t do change,
    he’s just another politician.

  11. “Will Obama Support […] Climate Change?” Maybe you should hire someone to
    write your headlines whose attention span isn’t shorter than said headlines.

  12. While there are instances where us men are discriminated against based on
    social mores and stereotypes…lets face it dude, men typically take
    priority in this country. Hell, even Black men were given the right to vote
    before women were. Penile dysfunction prescriptions even come free in your

  13. This is one evil man. Do not trust him. Believe nothing he says. Be afraid
    very afraid and keep your eyes wide open.

  14. CLIMATE CHANGE!!! Its cold as fuck here in Georgia. My boss a woman makes
    WAY more then me. Gay rights and comparing drag queens fighting police in a
    bar to the peaceful marches in Selma AL. Yo fuck this uncle tom nigga. He
    has never addressed the black community.

  15. The military has been switching to alternative fuels far quicker than the
    rest of the United States…it is kinda ridiculous.

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