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  1. The energy in this video is just so good and happy and AHHHH I JUST MISS OLD YOUTUBE NOW ITS LIKE A COMPANY! i thought i wanted youtubers to get recognition throughout the world and stuff but tbh its not good πŸ™ o2l is done (i think they are going to end it on new years, my opinion though) many youtubers are either to big to share anything personal or to make good content, or to small to feel like they matter! its more of a Business in a sense of the advertisement and its more about the money! ive been wanting to start youtube for years but now, im not sure if i want to attempt to join this thing. I love making videos and editing but my main reason ive wanted to start youtube was to be heard! not even by that many people even just a couple hundred i want my voice to carry weight, i want my opinions contradicted i want to be shown all perspectives! i just want to be able to speak to 1000 people and get to know many of them and just have, in a sense, a community in which we all interact with each other. i dont know thats my 2 cents in it all and i kinda ranted but yea.

  2. かっこいいですね!
    γ¨γŠγ‚γγ—γ¦γγ γ•γ„οΌ

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