35 Comments on “Matthew Hagee: Gay Marriage A Sign Of The Rapture”

  1. I love how the comments are anti hagee, but the religious retards all came here to give a thumbs down because they can't actual give any argument to defend their position.

  2. I'm straight and couldn't imagine being with another man. That tells me it's genetic. In the Old Testament it was a death penalty if you were gay. If God despised homosexuality so much, why is it found in 1500 species in the animal kingdom? In sheep, 8% of rams choose another ram for a partner over ewes. I don't think the 8% of rams make an intellectual choice of another ram. They're born with the tendency.

  3. Religion is beyond fucking stupid.. It's the result of people shutting there fucking brain completely off and beating knowledge away with a stick.. idiots

  4. Jesus is alive and well. I know because he saved me from a life of sin…ever since Jesus came into my life..I no longer want to do the bad things that I used to do…Jesus has set me free. If you need a way out of a life of sin ..CALL ON JESUS with a sincere heart…pray to him ask Him to come into your life..change you and save you and He will answer. Be Blessed!!!

  5. You need to spend your time on getting to known God. I hope that you do not live to regret making sport at the word of God, You said that the rapture will not take place, would you say too that no body will die? would you also say that there is nothing call wind?

  6. There are plenty of people in Pakistan and India who are Christian and plenty of people who have been born here in America who are not Christians so your argument in that respect is dead wrong

  7. Matt. 24 seems to imply women on earth will be nursing at beginning of tribulation and into tribulation . So adults that let Abortion become Legal miss the bad and infant children stay ?

  8. The religsicks so certain their brand of faith is absolute. Why? Did they witness those biblical events? Did they recieve a memo from God? Did Jesus appear to them? All I'm aware of is the claim that the bible is God's words. That they are told it is. Thats like going to court and having no witnesses, no tangible evidence, no video on someone accused of a crime and expect a sentencing based solely on hearsay. You deem that as true facts?

  9. I feel bad for the son. His dad obviously has essentially programmed and brainwashed his son to ‘think’ like him in order for his infamous career to live on.

  10. Secular Talk, can you prove God doesn’t exist, or the Bible isn’t true? What makes you so special you think you’re right? Just your opinion? Have you studied the Bible? Have you not seen that archeology proves things written in the Bible? Other religions “prophets and leaders are in the grave”. Jesus isn’t.
    What makes you a world scholar and think you know everything about things you can’t prove? Apparently by listening to your videos, you sound like you’re your own God, merely by your opinions.
    By the way, why do you even bother to fight against something you don’t believe in? Maybe deep inside you’re a closet Christian. Or just really stupid….

  11. Your deceived ! Jesus is the son of God ! Jesus died on the cross for your sins ! Jesus rose from the dead ! Jesus ascended into heaven ! And Jesus is coming back to earth very soon to judge the world ! Rapture is imminent ! Please repent of your sins and follow Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior ! If you don't you will face Gods wrath which is hellfire ! If you don't repent and turn to Jesus and the rapture happens Jesus Christ second coming happens , Jesus Christ will pour his wrath on you , I don't you to suffer Gods wrath , so please repent and turn to Jesus !

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