31 Comments on “TRAUMA at CHIPOTLE | Tyler Oakley”

  1. Oh Tyler u won't understand I was turning in my studio doing pump turns IN SOCKS bad idea very bad idea and I fell right on my ass and than instead of stopping I kept going and finally I fell on my face on my face ???

  2. I can't really top that but I was in Albury this weekend just been and a salesman tried to sell me a beauty product for $400 so just set up with the $80 moisturising cream. To make matters worse the $400 product was a brand called Seacret which apparently has salts from the dead sea like was he kidding?

  3. I remember my friend watching this and I was looking over her shoulder and I literally said "That man is a little bitch I must protect him at all costs" and that's the story of how I subscribed to Tyler Oakley

  4. This video is so funny it was the first video I ever added to watch later (cause I didn't know it was a thing) and here I am 3 years later watching it again cause it's so good. I'll forever love this video.

  5. This was the first video I watched of Tyler and the only that i almost die laughing, I even show this to my brother and he loved it too, this brings good memories, my first story time video ever

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