23 Comments on “1st Gay Wedding on Long Island”

  1. @ReShafilah: Wow. If you're going to say something at least spell it correctly. There's nothing like a bad speller when you're trying to be mean, disgusting and profane. We know you're stupid, now. So, no need to prove it, again.

  2. If we want the World At Large to acknowledge our right to marry, we have to allow the World at Large to disagree, even if it does so disagreeably. People filled with hate are more to be pitied than judged. If that hatred turns to action which works against our rights, then suitable action must be taken, but returning hate with love (or at least without hate) is, IMHO, the best option. Holding a resentment against the haters is like swallowing poison and waiting for the haters to die.

  3. congratulations!!! that was sweet. I'm sure these two wanted to be married for some time now. They deserve to be happy together. I hope they live through a long marriage

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