Elizabeth Warren Had The Ultimate Response To A Question About Gay Marriage | TIME

Elizabeth Warren Had The Ultimate Response To A Question About Gay Marriage | TIME

Sen. Elizabeth Warren wasted no time making her thoughts about gay marriage known at the CNN equality town hall on Thursday night. Subscribe to TIME …



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  1. Oooooo ahhhhj such a sick burn. This is totally what I want to see from candidates- witty insults that you would expect from high schoolers being flung across debate rooms. How insightful.

  2. LOL all the butthurt people in the comments. Elizabeth Warren zings a hypothetical homophobe and you treat it like a catastrophe. HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION HAS BEEN IN TROUBLE FOR??? ?????

  3. The liberal party is without intelligence. Politicians are like parents to preeschoolers. It's pandering to childlike savages.

  4. "The ultimate response" LMAO the system media in the form of dying Time magazine is actually boosting her childish, nasty, pandering and delusional response! Classic leftist behaviour, always acting like they "won" and celebrating belittling and dehumanising their enemies… in the name of "love" of course. Oh and that whole thing was a set-up, the guy isn't even Christian, he's a gay actor.

  5. So when're you gonna report that this was proven to be staged?


    Brought to you by the same folks who brought us "Madam President".

  6. Wait…so she's saying people against gay married are either A. Philanderers (and keep it in their pants) or B. Losers who can't find someone to marry them. Was this suppose to make sense? People act like this was a zinger…but I don't think it even makes sense. Also, as a gay person, could you PANDER any more, especially since we now know this question came from a man MAXED out (i.e. donated THOUSANDS of dollars) on donating to Warren.

    Where was Warren in the 90 (or the 80s…or 70s) when Bernie was decrying the mistreatment of the gay community, LONG before it was popular? Wake up America: there's one candidate running who cares about everyone because it's the RIGHT thing to do, not because it's politically expedient. No more "fair weather" politicians…we need a warrior, not a fake-warrior like Trump has pretended to be.

  7. Medicare for all would cost 34 trillion over ten years while the projected tax revenues over that that period would project to be 46 trillion (IRS). Warren and Sanders are lying to their ignorant supporters by promising this. There is not enough money even if you put most businesses out of business confiscating all their money.

  8. I don't understand how this was a great answer. She could have spoken about the importance of separation of church and state, or how laws should be written using data, not morals. She could have appealed to right leaners and centrists by advocating for less government influence in people's personal lives (tie this in with marijuana legalization, as well as reducing the restrictions on abortion). She could have convinced some people that might have not voted for her to vote for her. Instead she took the opportunity to insult huge groups of people (white evangelicals and black communities) because they don't hold the same beliefs as her or her supporters. I don't see how this is a win.

  9. That’s a maxed out donor or Warren asking the question. Does this sound like the normal Warren? No I don’t have undeniable proof but come on people. Seems like a planted question.

  10. Did she quote the bible? She often talks about her faith and the Holy Father….did she skip Lev 20:13 or what the Messiah said? Hmmmm she talks about human right and wouldn't a baby have rights? Even the ones not born yet? Well, what was my right 2 days before my birth? Or 2 months? Warren, I wonder what the Holy Father would say. Please practice what you preach!

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