50 Comments on “Gay marriage supporters and protesters at supreme court”

  1. And the perversion just keeps creeping in and more and more into society and we're told to embrace it that it will make everyone happy and the funny thing is I don't think people in society are getting more happy people see more and more disgruntled

  2. it is so funny how the man dressed up as captain america while chris evans is a full supporter of LGBTQ+ rights hahahaha, that homophobe is such a fool

  3. Blame straight people to raise LBGTQ+ babies AND Gay/Lesbian + couples are adopting children that doesn't have a homes , so how is homesexualty bad??

  4. I don't really understand why so many people care what gay people do in the bedroom. It's not affecting your life in anyway. So just live your life and let the gays do what they do. Wouldn't it be a much simpler world if everybody had that mindset?

  5. Quite alot of gays are molested or abused at home as a child. Ppl do choose to be gay, atleast that's what I think as a christian. This is because God made us as heterosexual. Its not natural in humans. Gay ppl should have rights but if I owned a church, I wouldn't allow gay marriage. It's just what the bible says

  6. well I'm gay but I never understood when other gay/ other people said it not a choice to be gay I was was straight for a while then relised I like girls like could someone explain it to me to me

  7. Wow that second lady. Tried to explain that the event was about marriage and she kept babbling on about kids. That’s not the argument at hand. Also there are many kids with single parents. But that doesn’t get much hate?
    Edit: no one chooses to be lesbian or gay. We don’t choose our feelings for someone. And we aren’t changing your definition. Doesn’t marriage outdate religion or something? Marriage is the union between two consenting loving adults that’s it.

  8. What the heck is wrong with people?you can’t choose to be gay.if people are happy than why do you want to ruin there life by telling them they don’t have the same rights as people who are straight?this is just the race war all over again only with sexuality.

  9. Immorality trying to takeover the planet.

    People actually supporting immorality of a country.

    This step was taken just before the socialist/communist movements started.

    Don't these homosexuals see the destruction immorality has on a nation.

    It dates through time in all lost or fallen nations.

    They applaud that in their support of how long they claim it has been around.

    Murder has been around issibly longer but I don't see them applauding it.

    Which these same homosexuals applaud abortion.

    Murder-abortion is there a difference.

    I'm not asking.

    They claim sexuality is a private matter which they claim should be left up to individual discretion.

    Yet they bring it out into the public.

    It's all rebellious behaviour which is pushed by those wanting control.

    These people don't understand that their happiness is actually the people wanting control of which they aren't a part of.

    They are basically the fodder and collateral damage of the takeover which could be the socialist/communist movement happening in this country.

    Being that viperative control over people to gain mass involvement has happened over time.

    It could predate homosexuality as well as prostitution and other such so called business dealings.

    So basically homosexuals are for martial law and communism in which if it was voted on would rid the country of homosexuals.

    Which is the subliminal grasp of the communist.

    Making people believe a harsher form of government would rid the country of homosexuals.

    The homosexuals support socialism because it is rebellious.

  10. Supporting immorality isn't supporting freedom.

    If it was, murder would be legalized….oh wait it is, being abortion has been legalized.

    Why do meat eaters rally against murderers then.

    What's the difference between abortion and murder.

    I guess having something murdered to flush into the sewage system has over time legalized murder.

    Release the hounds….?

  11. marriage isn't "strictly between a man and a woman and if it isn't then you're going to hell", it's the coming together of two people in the name of love. let us live, people, it's 2019. Love is love!

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