In Speech To Black Voters, Trump Claims Democrats Want To ‘Attack Christians’ And ‘Silence Pastors’

President Trump on Friday. attacked all Democrats as Christian haters hellbent on silencing pastors while delivering opening remarks at the launch party for the “Black Voices for Trump” coalition at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Democrats want to crush your religious liberty and silence your pastors,” Trump told the crowd.

“Pastors are being silenced but not any longer because of the Johnson Amendment,” he claimed. “The Johnson Amendment – they’re allowed to speak to you now.”

“They’re allowed – your pastors and your ministers are allowed to speak to you know without retribution,” he added.

“African-American churches have always been lifted up and they’ve always been really the conscience of our nation. Yet Democrats now want to drive faith out of the public square and attack Christians and other religious believers,” he falsely claimed.

New Yorker staff writer Charles Bethea caught up with a few of the “Blacks for Trump” supporters who attended Trump’s speech:

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