31 Comments on “Indiatimes | Indians React To Gay Marriage”

  1. OH MY GOD !!!…. I feel so bad. It makes me feel ashamed to be Indian. Everything kept aside; why can't people just live their lives and let the LGBTQ community just live peacefully. It's not like they are the ones causing Rapes, Terrorism, Scams, or any disaster of any kind. It's just pathetic how people in general think that what they think matters. Just so sad. I wish this changes in the near future… Love to all.

  2. People thinks it came from foreign countries so please then follow Indian culture don't go the MNCS companies do agriculture, Dont where jeans, t shirts, where Indian culture dhoti dress, these societies are full of drama people but now it legalized. I respect LGBT because I am educated person and have values for others

  3. People say its disgusting,its against the nature,they will no accept it , they cant have babies an take care of them and all……. But what i say to them is their thoughts are disgusting they think gays are sick and all, .. if it was against the nature they wouldnt be what they are ..and who the hell are those society to say they will not support them … They can take care of eatch other and the babier more than the straight couples…. I am straight bt i wont jurdge them by their sexual intrest people have their right to choose whome they want to love & live with and it doesnt matter if its a same sex(sex doesnt matter it its true love)

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