35 Comments on “Kid's Cartoon "Arthur" Features GAY Marriage! Indoctrination?”

  1. It's not really influencing it's more of representation…..

    And I would think for the kids that do have gay parents….if not…I don't see why it shouldn't be shown, we show straight people and "straight weddings" why isn't that inappropriate, because by your logic it's still influencing children when they barely even know about sexuality as it is?

    Just my opinion, but as a parent I think you need to be answering ALL of your children's questions, that's your job… regardless of the age.

    Imagine the children that CAN relate to this so we just going to exclude them out of this??

    We have to stop being in the mindset that every child is born straight and to be in the LGBT community you have to be influence, when that's just not true….if it was There wouldn't be any such thing as the LGBT community because there are barely any shows that actually represent the community…

    You have to accept that there are gay people in the world… whether you like it or not… whether you agree or not, you also have to accept that it is becoming and is normal…
    your children are going to have to learn about it someday you can only Shield them from the world for so long….

  2. How is gay marriage not wholesome? Its normal I knew about marriage at a young age it doesn’t matter. it’s just LOVE that’s it what’s the problem with it. Marriage is a Union between two people that’s it. period

  3. Everyone has their own opinions. Don’t let your kids watch the show if it bothers you. & if you don’t understand their reasoning behind the episode. Your kids seeing a short episode of a same sex marriage shouldn’t effect them. You can see lots of same sex couples in public and your child will have them same questions. Reality is there is straight people there is gay people. At the end of the day we’re all human and need to teach our children to love and respect people. Not judge them for being who they are. & if you think being gay is a choice you need help.

  4. The problem is not that the characters are gay. THE PROBLEM is that the show is pushing the gay lifestyle onto YOUNG CHILDREN. Which is not right.

  5. I still don't understand what people are so upset about. If you think it is inappropriate, why were you watching the episode in the first place?

    Allow me to elaborate. Did the episode contain the element of surprise? Yes that was the entire point. However, if gay marriage is too mature for children to witness, (which by the way you could probably find more obscene or explicit things happening in the open public that are acts of homosexuality) then why did you let your child watch an episode about marriage at all? You know I don't think it's the show's fault. The creator should have creative freedom, and if he wishes to make an episode about gay marriage and acceptance of different people then he should have that right. All part of a country of freedom. Gay marriage is on the exact same maturity level as straight marriage. They are both marriage. And don't bring religion or anything into this, because that is when you become less objective. At that point, you have already lost because you have no right to hold your religion against a TV show. If it is that bad, stop watching the show altogether. I promise you it won't hurt the show because you are in the minority.

  6. But it wouldn't be "indoctrination" to show a marriage between a black person and a white person, riiiiiight? You shouldn't be teaching small children that people of different races can love each other, riiiiight? Puhleez. "Indoctrination" is just a word people who don't agree with something call it when it's being presented to other people who don't yet hold the same prevalent biases against that thing.

    The hypocrisy of many minorities is astounding. And I say this as a woman of color.

  7. "Children should not be exposed to it". Damn, I guess you can't tell your kids you're married to your wife because they'll be exposed to sexuality :0.

  8. If you can't show two males in love, then you can not show a woman and a man in love. If a kid is old enough to understand they have a mommy and daddy, then they are old enough to understand that some kids have a daddy and daddy, or mommy and mommy. It's not that hard. It was not presented in a derogatory way.

  9. One step closer to little kids eating cake off the bodies of naked friends. One step closer to God blowing up the world, and being satisfied while doing it

  10. Honest question. For those of you who genuinely think its "confusing" for kids to know that different people like varying genders, how stupid were you as a kid. My niece was born in 2005, and his parents explained it to him when he was 10. Some girls like boys, some girls like girls, etc. Somehow tho theres been no issues, shes actually straight, strange how that works ?

  11. LMFAO I love watching you fragile snowflakes talk about indoctrination. If this is what you consider "adult themed", you should probably become a monk. Sorry that PBS is trying to educate your ignorant children.

  12. my teacher had a keychain with a women on it and we though its his girlfriend but found out it was his sister. and he got married with a nice guy and they adopted a little baby girl and their family is so sweet. when i saw this episode it looked so similar and i thing children should understand that there is different types of love. my little sister knows that and she is fine with that

  13. So should gay people just avoid all kids because if they so much as talk to a kid then they’re indoctrinating them and they’re a walking adult theme

  14. I used to watch this show everyday when i was young, i can't believe this is what Arthur turned into. I cant imagine watching this when i was young. This is a children's show let them make decisions when they get older. Kids dont worry about this stuff there is no reason why anyone should stand for this.

  15. Nothing wrong with gay people. This is why ppl don't want to be associated with Republicans, because so many of them are backwards hicks who think gays are bad. Grow the hell up.

  16. How would you feel if your kids were watching a man and woman dance on the TV? If what they are watching isn't about sexuality specifically, and the topic of sexuality is not even mentioned or implied whatsoever. Then why is it OK for your kids to watch a man and woman dance, but not two men dancing? What about dance crews, that put on those badass dance sequences on America's got Talent? Some of those are 10 guys dancing together. Is that not OK either?

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