Lana Del Rey Comes Out Against Furries And Calls Them ‘Gross’

Lana Del Rey deemed furries “gross” as she lashed out against the community during a live stream.

Whilst talking to her fans on an Instagram live stream, Lana was asked if she was a furry. The award-winning singer had a clear response to the question as she answered: “I’m not a furry, you guys are gross.”

The live stream, which happened on September 4th, came just after she released her newest album, Norman Fucking Rockwell.

It’s her 6th studio album to be released, with her previous album, Lust for Life, being nominated for a Grammy.

Furries are people who have human personalities and characteristics but are interested in anthropomorphic animal characters and enjoy dressing up as them.

Lana’s comment on furries caused a mixed reaction online, with some people jumping on board to agree with her remark.

Whilst others in the furry community took to Twitter in disagreement.


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