1. To be fair, street art reflects the sentiments of the artists who paint them, not the broader population. And, in general, people who graffiti, stencil, and paper the streets tend to be on the left side of the political spectrum. Conservatives believe in the sanctity of private property and do not graffiti the walls of their neighbors. This is not a judgement call as I am a big fan of street art. It's just something to keep in mind when viewing this type of art. It speaks from a leftist slant. Not good, not bad…just factual.

  2. I think it would be a great idea for you to see how the LGBTQ community is treated in the surrounding Islamic countries…and by the Palestinians. People who consider themselves "progressives" never want to address the abuses that women, gays, and lesbians are forced to endure in Islamic countries. It is still legal to throw gays off of buildings or hang them in public squares in twelve Islamic countries. A woman's word is considered 1/5 of a man's in court. In many Islamic countries under Shria Law, women who are raped require five male witnesses to verify their story against an alleged attacker. Additionally, they face court directed beatings if they do not meet the burden of proof as, in Islam, the female victim is considered part of the problem. Food for thought for those of you who think it's hip and cool to be a "progressive".

  3. Da 👏🏾 Mon 👏🏾 I’m currently sitting in my hotel room BORED out of my mind. I had a day to waste before my cruise in the morning. I was starting to get down because I’m alone and here you are picking me back up. Reminding me why I shut up and went in the first damn place. Ughh can we just become friends already??
    You and Jo my peoples.

  4. God clearly teaches  that ACTIVE HOMOSEXUALITY  AND HOMOSEXUALITY SYMPHATIZERS ARE BOUND TO HELL FOR AN ETERNITY, unless they come to full repentance and God forgives them. This is specially true when you embrace the abominable sin of homosexuality and promote it as a righteous thing and nothing wrong with this abomination before the Almighty God of Creation. Furthermore, of course there are other sins that are contrary to God's word, and humans fall for them over and again, HOWEVER, the Godly man  or woman, will not embrace sin, any of them as something righteous and to be promoted, for instance the sin of Greed is very prevalent, however Godly people will not promote and prevail greed as a good thing (not to be confused with ambition, specially productive and good kind of ambition, such as become an outstanding dentist or an outstanding policeman or an outstanding businessman achieving a sizable wealth in a legal way without exploiting weaker people …. and t he same thing applies to the diverse sins; if you don't understand and take at heart this fundamental concept then you are not a Godly person, you would be in direct rebellion against the Almighty Creator and therefore hence, doomed for an Eternity in Hell.

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