McEnany Touts Trump’s LGBT Record, Forgets He Fought Against Protections For Gay Workers


White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany touted President Trump’s pro-LGBT record just weeks after his administration was handed a stunning defeat by the U.S. Supreme Court in which the high court rejected the Department of Justice’s argument that Title VII “does not bar discrimination because of sexual orientation.”

As the three-year anniversary of President Trump’s tweet banning transgender people from the armed forces “in any capacity” quickly approaches, a Washington Blade reporter on Monday asked McEnany whether Trump would reconsider the ban in the wake of a letter from 116 lawmakers led by Rep. Suzan DelBene (D-Wash.) calling on the administration to lift the anti-transgender policy.

McEnany instead deflected, listing a number of other initiatives she said demonstrates the administration is supportive of the LGBTQ community.

“I haven’t talked to him about that specific policy, but this president is proud that in 2019 we launched a global initiative to end the criminalization of homosexuality throughout the world,” McEnany said.

“He has a great record when it comes to the LGBT community,” she continued. “The Trump administration eased a ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men and he launched a plan to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030, so we’re very proud of our achievements.”

“It should be noted for one of those initiatives, easing the ban on gay blood donations to require a 3-month period of abstinence as opposed to a 12- month period, Trump distanced himself from the change when asked about it by the Blade, saying he “didn’t know anything” about it,” the outlet reported.


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