Oklahoma Realtor Beaten Unconscious By Homophobic Pair


Christian Council, an Oklahoma City-area realtor was beaten unconscious last week by two people yelling anti-gay slurs.

Council and a friend were heading home early Saturday morning when he says a car parked in the middle of the road was blocking his parking space.

After honking his horn twice, the car finally moved and he was able to get to his spot.

“My friend and I got out of my car. They were waiting behind my car, and when they saw us and saw what we looked like,” Christian told News 4. “They said ‘oh are you two a couple of-‘ and they used a gay slur.”

First, a woman approached Christian, then a man and police say it didn’t take long for things to get physical.

“Assaulted him, beat him up, left him laying on the ground,” Msgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma Police Department said. “When officers arrived he was still on the ground, all of the involved parties were still there.”

Christian was left bloody and bruised, with a gash below his right eye, and swelling on his head and body.

He says the swelling has gone down but he still has trouble breathing normally.

“I’m in a lot of pain,” Christian said. “I’ll never forget the feeling of my neck snapping back and forth every time he would hit either side of my head.”

Christian says the couple yelled slurs during the entire attack, an important detail that was not mentioned in the police report.

He believes that was their main motivation.

“It was clear that when they could tell my friend and I were gay, or that we appeared to be gay,” Christian said. “They knew they could do what they did to me.”

The two suspects were identified as Amery Dickerson and Bennett Stone.

The couple was arrested for misdemeanor assault and battery but were released without being booked into the county jail.

Council took to Facebook the day after the attack: “Last night I was attacked. As I was pulling into my parking lot, there were 4 people in a big truck parked in the middle of the road. I stopped and waited for a second, and then honked at them to move. After they finally moved, I drove around them and parked. They followed me and waited for me to get out of my car. Once I did, 2 of them beat me. Gay slurs were screamed at me while I was being beaten unconscious. I tried hard to fight back, but I was outnumbered. The 2 that beat me were a man and a woman. They punched, kneed, and kicked me until I was totally knocked out. Thankfully someone called the police and 2 of them were arrested. My body and head are wrecked. Bruises and swelling everywhere, and a concussion. I just got home from the hospital. I’ll be in pain for a while, but you know me. Nothing can keep me down for long.”


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