26 Comments on “Supreme Court says baker OK to refuse gay wedding cake”

  1. Jake did not get to gave his cake, and eat it too. Jake had to deal with hate mail, death threats, loss of some business and had to end up stop making wedding cakes.
    What is interesting, is that Jake was willing to help them find another bakery who do cakes for homosexuals.
    There was / is another bakery that his going through the same as Jake, if I'm not mistaken that homosexual couple wanted written on the cake that God accepts this marriage (along those lines).
    I find it interesting that a homosexual person who works as a hairdresser, is allowed to refuse to cut a person's hair because they do not agree with homosexuality. Marriage is sacred to the Christian beliefs.
    I know many will not agree with me on that. OK
    God eve said, for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and cling unto his wife.
    Yes, we are to live one another, yet we are not to condone that which God did not create nor bless.

  2. As the homosexual couple feel betrayed, how about the baker?
    All I see homosexual this, homosexual that, homosexual here, homosexual there, I'm burnt out because the homosexual community is pushing and pushing and pushing and pushethat there seems to be no breathing room. If you are homosexual marriage or homosexuality in general, they leave you alone, if you do not agree, they go after you, threaten you and bully you, harass you all because you see things differently.

  3. All these delicate people. You cant always have things your way. I'm glad this guy won. The gay's rights shouldn't affect the Baker's rights. People that get offended this easy, is beyond crazy.

  4. So I assume these two gay men support the anti-gay person wanting to force a lesbian T-shirt maker to print t-shirts that say "Gays Rot in Hell"

  5. Now this baker should sue the gay couple for his legal fees and loss of income for their frivolous lawsuit. Then he should sue the state for violating his 1st Amendment rights!!!!

  6. If Christian business people post a sign stating that all proceeds from (law-compelled) sales to same gender couples for their marriages will be donated to the Institute for Family Values or another conservative value organization, you can bet your boots that those couples will stop asking for service. Either that, or they will be funding their opposition…lol…

  7. Fucking liberals fags! All they want is more fucking attention than what they already have. They don’t care about their fucking wedding they care about making their bullshit story be the center of attention.

  8. Relgion s people like to discriminate people what his book says they should go to defrent baker just all gay people should never go to him if kicked out cause they were gay but he did not thats if form of discrimination. but luckily not everyone feels that way against towards gay people so they have free will to go people that will make any cake they want I see people do Halloween cakes not religious none not gay friendly. Places but none religious none bis gay friendly places. Sum bakers are artist and are willing to make a cake for you guys besides that guy but other people will they can make a Halloween cake with blood and gore or any type cake I think they're willing to do it or comedy

  9. Dime a dozen. Currently living in an area filled with people who are extremely hateful. Also surrounded by pedophiles who work alongside children. There's no forgiveness. Ever, literally.

  10. I'm a Muslim, and I'm sided with the Christian Baker in this case. Thank you sir for standing your ground. Wish you and your family a good health and fortune.

  11. The problem here and what has always been the problem in that gays always wants to FORCE you to accept them and if not, they will shut you down. ??‍♂️

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