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  1. By this point, I've learned to completely ignore any argument that relies on religion. Nanely because the things people do in the name of god (Whether its Yahweh or Allah), or were religious, is atrocious.

    -The Spanish Inquisition
    -Christian persecution of Jews
    -Rhineland Massacres
    -The Crusades
    -The Salem Witch Trials
    -Islamic Terrorism
    -European enslavement (They used the Bible as part of their justification)
    -The Reformation of the Klu Klux Klan in 1915
    -Ilaga, a bunch of Catholic Extremists, murdering 100 Islamic citizens
    -massacre of Palestinians and Lebanese Muslims

    If I looked hard enough, I could probably found dozens more. You can list 25 atrocitites perpetrated by Christians for their beliefs, but I doubt you can make a list about atrocities perpetrated by atheists for their beliefs. Reading a four thousand year old book that plagiarizes older stories, and blatantly lies about cultures (Egyptians never had Jewish slaves), and has a genocidal god does not give you the right to trample on the lives of others when it concerns marriage and love (BTW, Marriage wasn't even a Christian or Jewish thing, the Sumerians and Hindus documented it in their own epics, like the Epic of Gilgamesh, which are far older).

  2. The fact that he chose to vote for Trump's unconstitutional national emergency proves that he doesnt care about the distinct roles of the branches of government

  3. Gosh, I just realized that I look like Ted Cruz. And I am a woman. ???. Well, president Trump calls him "Beautiful Ted", so I'm beautiful. ????

  4. Why do so many forget what the amazing Thomas Jefferson felt and advised….That the rights of a minority should never voted upon by the majority? If we let the majority vote about what rights are "appropriate" for minorities, then we become stagnant. Unmoving. If it was so….women would not have the vote…..blacks would not be able to marry whom they choose…….not to mention slavery would still be intact, Jim Crow would still be intact and the list goes on. We have SCOTUS precisely for questions like this.

  5. This guy has my vote. He is brave to stand up for what is right. We need more people like him to stand up and say enough. All I can think is the kids having to grow up in such a environment with a lie that a man can marry a man and girl can marry a girl. Eish yeah the world is becoming less beautiful with such things happening in our societies today. But yeah I will never force anyone to change because I do not have that right. we all in the end will have to give an account of our lives when it comes time to kick the bucket and as for me I don't want to be that person who has destroyed the lives of our children with such lies. I rather will lay down a foundation in the lives of our young generation that will build them up instead of breaking them down.

  6. The constitution is based on a time of oppression. You're a stuck up homophobic piece of you know what…ignorant and really honoring the constitution. You mean, live in the 16th century. Please pig, grow up

  7. I find it hilarious that people claim to want to go back to the old America. The America that segregated black people inforced slavery and aloud people to be brutally bullied and not have the basic human rights that the majority of the population has . It's simply disgusting and if that's how people think they don't deserve a platform . And to base this on religion is wrong . Love thy neighbour still applies when that neighbour is lgbtq+

  8. Why are people calling him a big head because him and millions of other people's religion and faith is say that homosexuality is a sin and a mockery to real relationships? For thousands and thousands and thousands of years homosexuals have the cause of the downfall of many civilizations including Rome Sodom and Gomorrah and others. The fact that the US has adopted this send calls that so-called marriage is insane and ridiculous. I hope one day that they can re invert that decision.

  9. Just think if the GOP had been reasonable. They give the 2% of people the right to get married and the world moves on. Instead there was an 11 year battle, gays got the right to get married, the issue decreased youth support of the GOP, and it damaged the compassionate image of religious institutions.

    Also, it straight up just made the GOP look stupid. Fighting against 2 consenting adults (that only make up 2% of the population) having the right to share private/government benefits and receive a few other abstract legal things would accomplish what exactly?

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