47 Comments on “Why Gay Marriage is WRONG | Tyler Oakley”

  1. this is wrong even if people are different just let them be them and plus theres more strait people than gay but the inporint thing is people are equal no matter what

  2. No the main reason to get married is to love someone all your life and care for them u don't have to have kids I'm glad they legalized gay marriage cuz I'm gay thank u very much so this is just dum

  3. Me: was listening to "It's not OK to be gay
    Also me" searches up it's not okay to be gay
    Me: sees this Hm..That's nice

    Side note:I love this because my mom is lesbian and hes right I turned out gay as hell ?

  4. What the fuck are you even talking about, I mostly think youre gay, and if, I think you still can love yourself, and dont end yourself, and also if somebody is married and they dont want to have kids, You know why they meaby dont want to have kids? because we people have a choice.

  5. I love this so much. I thought he was gay and then he started talking and I'm like what? And then I kept watching and I'm like ohhhh so yeah I love this video so much

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