7 Comments on “Abraham THE LAW OF ATTRACTION AND GAY RIGHTS Esther andamp; Jerry Hicks”

  1. Well don’t watch it if you don’t like what u see, simple…Focus your
    attention on what is and see how far u get. After all there is no right or
    wrong way of living but why make it hard for yourself? Just saying

  2. I think this video is beautiful and one of the greatest speeches ever. I
    love Abraham and Jerry and Esther Hicks.

  3. Keep telling that story, and you will find ten thousand other things to
    complain and fight about. You are fighting for your limitations and denying
    yourself your right to be happy and free.

  4. You don’t have Jesus. It is written, “Whoever has Jesus has life, whoever
    does not have Jesus does not have life”!

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