16 Comments on “Amr Moussa: Arab Spring has not improved economy or brought stability to Egypt”

  1. Amr Moussa is an arrogant fool. His faith in democraZy mob rule is as dumb
    as the fanatical Muslims’ faith in religion.

  2. Even One Innocent Soul lost because of unnecessary war IS One too many.
    Since All war is unnecessary, well…you do the math as to the amount of
    Our Stupidity and Shame. How about,… “We” bring back True Humanity and
    Simple Rule of Law and Every Country Rethink the Legacy the Human Race will
    leave behind? Murder of the Innocent and the destruction of Our Planet
    only proves war “Sucks!” and does Not work…just by Simple Rule of
    Thought! Blessed Be.<3

  3. +BluestyleY
    Americans are totally brainwashed by their government, go watch some
    propaganda videos you will know. Your Americans is in very dangerous
    situation and you here talking shit about others, peoples are laughing at
    you for lacking knowledge

  4. Why are you interviewing someone, Oksana, ignorant of Saudi, Israeli and
    others fueling “terrorism” with excessive wealth? 24:59 This man is an
    Uncle Tom, someone who betrays his own people in order to have a cushy

  5. We all need to change to a Direct Democracy then finally charge the elites
    for their crimes against the People

  6. How would civil unrest and violence cause improvement in econimies ? It
    doesnt. It causes deathof christians and spreads islam worldwide by
    relocation under the UN, Entire muslim families are then housed and
    supported for life around the world at everyone expense with the goal of
    spreading islam and giving world elite more power and future means to cause
    more threats thus allowing them a self made excuse to grab more power.F the
    UN the EU and the NWO.

  7. This is an excellent interview. Amr Moussa knows what is at stake as in
    the entire Region. In an era of highly advanced technology, all of this
    warring and fighting makes no sense. It would seem that certain elements
    like to brawl for the sake of brawling all over the Arab Spring. People
    should not be suckered into Wahhabiist extremist views because they will
    quite frankly go mad. The course out of this is logic. China is logical,
    they have been investing and making business deals with the Muslims in
    Cairo. See the light and get out of the blight.

  8. All goatfuckers country must have sharia law! Their place is desert.Get out
    of Europe!!! I hate the arab countries!

  9. As far as Citizen if any state in the World is not being left to chose and
    organize its own way – The Process How To Be Forth – there is no chance
    there will be peace if any other solution is being Dictated beside any
    other force. The attempts of any kind of Globalization must stop.
    Globalization to me is Dictatorship.

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