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  1. I know that there is a fatal problem to find a straight men in azerGAYjan.

    muhamed having a gay party, all azeris are invited, don’t be late.


  3. I know islam plays no part in politics, but i’m curious about ordinary
    people in Azerbaijan

  4. Allah anara da, vuqara da hidayet versin, eger bilerekden Allahin yolundan
    chixiblarsa, Allah onlari ister insanlarin eli ile, ister tebii quvvelerin
    ve ya bedbext hadiselerin elleri ile, isterse de ozu birbawa cezalandiracaq

  5. I think either Albania and Azerbaijan are the least religious. However
    tradition still very much prevails. Just because people are secular that
    mean they automatically tolerate it. This isn’t western Europe. I know many
    secular people who still don’t think homosexuality is natural.

  6. it will take time, i mean if you can a gay pride then its better then other
    places for example Saudi Arabia which is a instant beheading ; and after
    years when generation die off from the first influence of Russian orthodox
    the citizen will form their own views and create their own world more then
    likely homosexuality will become more accepted in the future.

  7. Mence qey olanlardan çox hele de rus dilinde danışan bu manqurd
    bambılıların derdini çekmeliyik!

  8. Siz uwaqlarinizi yoldan chixardan pozgunlara hormet edersiniz? Men ana kimi
    buna razi deyilem, menim uwaqimi weytan yoluna chekene men hormet etmirem,
    ele azghinlara hormet etsem, demeli bizi Yaradan Allaha ve onun
    Peygemberlerine (sas) ve Onun Resuluna (sas) hormetsizlik etmis olaram.
    Bunlare ne qeder uz veribler ki, gelib ekrana chixirlar? Kim bunlari

  9. No one becomes gay, they born gay! Nikto ne stanovitsa geem, on rojdaetsa
    im! Hech kes gey olmur, o gey olaraq dogulur. Then I have a question : You
    people say, “We respect and love all, whom God created”. Togda ya zadayu
    vam vopros: Vi lyudi govorite”Mi lyubim i uvajaem vsex tex kto Bogom
    sozdan”. Ona size sualim var: Siz insanlar deyirsiniz ki “Biz Allah
    yaratdigi her kesi sevirik”

  10. continue being hateful bigots, congratulations, and good luck doing
    business with the u.s.! lol loser

  11. Mence gay-ler bu deqiqe Azerbaycan ucun cox sey isteyirler… Baxin bele
    bir seyi insanlarin aglina ele bir-basa bu normaldir demekle salmaq cox
    yanlis yoldur… Bir az da onlari basa dusun hec vaxt bele bir sey barede
    dusunmeyibler ve siz indi gelib deyirsiz bu normaldir… Umid edirem ki, ne
    demek istediyimi basa dusdunuz…

  12. The fact that Azerbaijan IS so progressive in the economic sense and YET so
    backward on gay rights is the thing that strikes me as so unfortunate.
    Being gay is a creation of God. It is NOT a choice. If it is a choice and
    you are straight, than can you BE gay? If you say ‘no’ than you must say
    the same for gay people. No gay person chooses to be gay, just like no
    straight person chooses to be straight. We are all the different ways we
    are because of our divine nature.

  13. In a progressive MUSLIM country and according to Islam, such things are not
    considered right to do. God has created a man and a woman for a reason.
    Majority of the population is against such acts, but those who want to be
    gay, well, will then not look good in the public eye and that is their

  14. Umumən, geylerin coxsu usaqlarini yoldan cixaranlar deyil. Eksine dunyada
    usaqlara ən ugurlu tərbiyə verenlerdən birləri məs onlardi. Fakt. Coxsuda
    usaglarina azad seçim verir. bu menim baxişimdir

  15. Well I would say that ordinary people in Azerbaijan – Regardless of their
    Religion – do not like the “idea” of gays being public. This is something
    coming from the people themselves and not necessarily from religious
    beliefs (even though they may be related in some cases).

  16. However disagree that homosexuals are killed or intimidated habitually.
    True that some straight guys occasionally may have attacked gay prostitutes
    and beaten some up to stop open gay prostitution and accidentally one or
    two were killed in those beatings but unless gay people cross the limit set
    by the Azeries normal system of morsl values, they are fine and are not
    intimidated just for the sake of it.

  17. I’m not saying being Gay is a disorder, I was using that as an example.
    There are people who are gay without a choice and there are people who have
    to oppurtunity to change accordingly.

  18. kim yatagina kimi aparirsa os ishidi, istiyir pishiyi sevsin istiyir iti.
    bu hech kesi maraglandirmamalidi. hech kes Allah deil,. o osu istese bir
    tedbir gorecey sen hech narahat olma buna gore

  19. MInor number of countries????hahah,are you kidding me,if USA,Australia and
    Europe are minor….ok.You must be blind…

  20. This does not involve people being created with an appeal to gayness, but
    for ones which have a choice, they will be making a mistake by choosing to
    be gay and they have no one to blame but themselves. There may be people
    born with disorders making gayness seem appealing and it is quite obvious
    god has created them this way and that is an exception, people who make the
    choices are what disturbs majority of the Azeri population.

  21. The ones that you refer to as having the “opportunity to change
    accordingly” are not gay but they are BISEXUAL. These men & women are
    attracted to BOTH women & men. It is like a black and white colour scale,
    with black & white on opposite ends & in the middle there are all the
    different shades of grey colour. The bisexual people represent the grey
    colour. Many people think gays can change their sexuality because they
    confuse them with bisexuals. Gays are not bisexuals. it is a separate group.

  22. Allah elelerine hidayet versin, Allah onlara hidayetin yolunu gosterib,
    onlar ozleri weytana uyub azginliq edirler. Allahin hidayetini gormeyib
    bilerekden Allahin yolundan chixanlara Allah lenet elesin.

  23. Bu pozgunlarin kokunu kesmek lazimdir, vuqari taniyiram, taniyiram deyende,
    onun xeberi cixandan sonra maraqlanmiwam, pozgunun yekesidir, bedenini pula
    satir. Tbilisi prospektinde duranlardan bawqa hec ne gozlemek olmaz.
    Inwallah weriet hokumeti qurulandan sonra belelerine chare qilarlar. Allah
    ozu bendelerini dogru yola yoneltsin. Bu qeder peygember geldi, insanlar
    haqqi gormediler.

  24. Diverse as in different religions are “almost” equally practised and
    Azerbaijan does not use Islam in it’s political standings. Religion has
    always been a very important part of the Turks and was never used in
    Political Issues.

  25. Caucasus has always been homophobic and always will be. Its ancient place,
    which survived many influenced and developed and preserved own very unique
    culture which is shared by all Caucasians regardless of religion. I see in
    future though with democratisation of the society, most will be having less
    pronounced feeling about them and let them be however cannot imagine
    legalisation of same sex marriages or

  26. It is a pity that a progressive Muslim country like Azerbaijan has such a
    backwards view of it’s LGBT population. To have a government MP say that
    there are no gay people in his country and that they are sick is disgusting
    and shows just how ignorant and stupid he is.

  27. I would appreciate it if you stopped spreading biased information. The
    Ottoman empire was ALWAYS tolerant. The countries which the Ottoman empire
    conquered were still allowed to practice their religions. Ataturk himself
    resented his enemies, NOT their religions. The Ottoman Empire did have it’s
    ups and downs but it was COMPLETELY Religion tolerant.

  28. Azerbaijan is not the least practising Muslim country, but the most
    “diverse”. It is not mainly religion related, but people related. Ancient
    Turks or today’s Azeri’s do not find this act acceptable and have always
    looked bad towards it.

  29. more like major, about the world most power fullest countries Brazil,
    Mexico, Canada, japan, china, u.s.a, all of Latin America, most Caribbean ,
    Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia, germany, france, italy, spain, Sweden,
    Iceland, England, even some Muslim countries turkey , and Jewish isreal
    have in one way or another give rights so your concept of minor is very
    weird because that’s a majority of the worlds most powerful countries

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