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  1. The world talks about descrimination as if it is a new term. They had
    descriminated against races and poeple through prejudice and profiling of
    race and culture and it is still happening now. Don’t they think being GAY
    stops Procreation and what psychological effect will it have on a child if
    adulted into Gay home if the rest of his friends have both sex parent? Is
    this not a descrimination against procreation and parenthood? Maybe i am
    only being too intelligent.

  2. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon told a gathering of African
    leaders Sunday they should give up state-sanctioned discrimination based on
    sexual orientation and gender identity. “Confronting this discrimination is
    a challenge, but we must live up to the ideals of the Universal Declaration
    [of Human Rights],” Ban said.

  3. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon told a gathering of African
    leaders Sunday they should give up state-sanctioned discrimination based on
    sexual orientation and gender identity. “Confronting this discrimination is
    a challenge, but we must live up to the ideals of the Universal Declaration
    [of Human Rights],” Ban said.

  4. @designkid5555 And you prove my point perfectly… you don’t understand
    sarcasm. I love how you tried to put my last comment down to religion
    though. lol

  5. why not? lol. all my family and friends respect me. and earnt it by being a
    civilised and compassionate human being. they dont pry on my sex lifes, and
    i dont on theirs. you on the other hand, an intolerant, rude, idiotic
    person who pries on other peoples sex lives? you deserve no respect.

  6. People of the world, let’s unite! Money= moneyplay= moneypulation=
    manipulation. When we take money away and give wealth to all, we end that
    terrible money-play. SHARIA= MURDER! And we have to treat it that way, now.
    It’s our duty to protect dignity.

  7. @TheLagunaSunrise There’s a difference between eating someone of the same
    species, and being attracted to a human being of the same gender, dumb-ass.
    And no… most science points to the basis of the worlds populace being at
    least 45% atheist by 2050… look it up. Science and human evolution is
    only going to belittle religion as the years go by, and there’s a
    difference between Church and State, the UK is not an Islamic country, so
    even if you accounted for 90% of the populace the law…..

  8. I’m talking about crime statistics, crime statistics go up with a higher
    reporting of crimes, doesn’t meant that there’s more crime in reality, less
    reporting means lower statistics but not necessarily mean there’s less
    crime. Looks like you better study crime statistics a little better.
    Statistics are never JUST statistics. And I never said I know everything
    about Sweden, but I as sure as hell know more than a 17 year old on the
    other side of the world.

  9. @designkid5555 But it’s all natural, according to homosexuals, because
    animals do it too. 45% of the world’s population atheist by 2050? LOL!
    BULLSHIT. Complete & utter BULLSHIT. By 2050, Muslims will be on their way
    to becoming the majority in UK. Once they are the majority, they can vote
    in whoever they like, and the laws can be changed. They can simply call it
    ‘democracy’. Science & human evolution, as you call it, cannot stop Muslims
    from being religious & outbreeding you. You are dismissed.

  10. @TheLagunaSunrise Atheism is the fastest spreading “religious” movement
    across the globe at this moment, not islamic beliefs. Muslims make up for
    2.8% of the population and the gay community make up for 4%, for Islamic
    people to become a majority it would take them CENTURIES, you my friend a
    just some sad, bigoted, closeted homophobe who’s just determined to see the
    world ridden of all Caucasian people, and polluted with you’re backwards
    thinking. You sir are a lunatic. Goodbye.

  11. how can a man respect another man that likes to stick his penis in another
    mans ass? respect has got to be earned and thats a bad way to start.

  12. @TheLagunaSunrise Using your logic, then it is ok that many people around
    the world are racist, and therefore have laws promoting discrimination.

  13. @Evergr3entree Africa is not a shithole because of its rejection of gay
    rights. Africa would be an even BIGGER shithole if it legalized
    homosexuality. There’s nothing “primitive” about opposing homosexuality.

  14. lol, maybe you should study criminology or legal studies, crime statistics
    are some of the most overrated and misleading statistics. Most of the
    anti-semitism in Sweden comes from Swedish Swedes. And Malmö is still safer
    than cities of comparable size in Australia or other European cities. Plus
    most of Sweden doesn’t even live in Malmö, most of Sweden is extremely safe.

  15. @Evergr3entree Utter nonsense. What has rejecting homosexuality got to do
    with being “ignorant”? Ignorance is having a lack of knowledge. How is
    rejecting homosexuality displaying a ‘lack of knowledge’? Homosexuality is
    purely about sexual degeneracy. Rejecting it is common sense. Sorry, but
    you won’t get your ‘worldwide gay-rights’ dream. Not gonna happen! Peace.

  16. @TheLagunaSunrise youre right, to call opposing homosexuality “primitive”
    would insult things that are “primitive”

  17. So will Christianity, if not even more. Silently it creeps up on you, all
    over the world and people don’t realise the indoctrinatin before it is too
    late. Suddently you find yourself living in a Christian theocracy. Just
    look at the republican presidiental candidates, i.e. no abortions even
    though the pregnancy id due to rape. Consider it a gift from God, Romney

  18. @TheLagunaSunrise … And origin of that Countries moral values wouldn’t

  19. @TheLagunaSunrise It’s still not just that homosexuals are being killed or
    imprisoned in many African and Middle Eastern countries just for being

  20. @DerekWilliamsMusic Your question is irrelevant to what we were talking
    about. You seem to be under the notion that Islam is going to change. Islam
    has stayed the same for 1400 years. The Quran has not been changed once.
    What makes you think it’s going to change now? It is merely wishful
    thinking on your part.

  21. @TheLagunaSunrise I’m not saying Africa is a shithole, solely because it
    rejects gay rights. Africa is primitive for many reasons, which is why it
    is underdeveloped.

  22. Dude,no one said Africa was grand and also people are moving away from
    south Africa and got west Africa. Some places like Ghana and
    Nigeria(Sometimes) are a lot then the south(South Africa,Malawi(Good
    Country)) and east Africa(Uganda,Congo and Zimbabwe).

  23. just by stating that a whole society is stupid because they have different
    views to you is so idiotic that i cant continue speaking to you. take care

  24. @cheyla38 It’s time for people like you to respect the fact that many
    people, around the world, find homosexuality utterly despicable, and
    therefore have laws against it. You won’t get what you wish for.

  25. @DerekWilliamsMusic “Muslims can leave their religion if they want to” –
    with that one single statement, you prove how ignorant you are. I knew you
    were, but you sum it up with such a statement. Yeah, you had a Muslim
    boyfriend… that really refutes my argument. lol YOUR claim that Islam
    WILL change is erroneous. Islam has had 1400 years to change. It hasn’t.
    There’s no indication it’s going to start now. It is simply wishful
    thinking on your part.

  26. bankimoon talks the gay rights and sexual orientation discrimination in
    africa…. but i wana tell you mr ban africa doent need gay…transexy and
    soft men because they are black horses… they never go around these down
    things, if u are in believing Allah(God) and the history of prophet LOT and
    his people you couldnt talk like this. read the history of lot nation then
    judge your self. thanks

  27. this is a corrupting human nature, God have created men and women to spread
    generation after generation…Allah( God) will not accept the bad things
    like this. already the nation of Lot made but when he spoke them to stop
    Allah sent to them angel gebriel to destroy complete in one second time….

  28. @TheLagunaSunrise Firstly the UK upholds a 2% populace for Islamic
    communities, meaning you are a MINORITY, there are more gay people in the
    UK, right now than Islamic people, And if Islamic beliefs, cause the UK to
    account for an Islamic proportion then actions and steps would be taken to
    stop it, we have the right to protect our heritage for what it is, and if
    they became a majority SERVE steps would have to be taken… which is why
    your cute little theory will NEVER happen…

  29. its good to see people who arent from the west standing up for gay rights.

  30. @designkid5555 The person I was arguing with said homosexual is natural
    because animals do it too. Animals also eat their own shit & cannibalize
    each other. You really don’t seem to understand it – Islam is growing
    rapidly across Europe because of immigration & birthrates. Muslim families
    tend to have around 3 – 5 children, whilst European families have around 1
    – 2 children. This is how Islam is growing, dummy. You can twist it any way
    you like, it changes nothing.

  31. @TheLagunaSunrise No, I understood perfectly, I was ALSO being sarca…
    urgh, I can’t even…. this is why I hate religion…. because it spawns
    ignorant, homophobic bigoted morons, who can’t seem to integrate their
    minds with the fact that not everyone is going to agree with them. AKA….
    people like you….

  32. @JepJep92 Violence against HBT persons is on the rise in Sweden as well.
    This is not a good development.

  33. they arent stupid because they are different. they are just stupid.
    yourputting words in my mouth. please dont.

  34. well i study psychology, and statistics is a key part so idk, i mean not
    sure what your saying, statistics are statistics, you dont need a rocket
    scientist. and really, even though you live in sweden, you dont see
    everything, so dont assume peoples lives are just fine, and dont be so

  35. All the comments on this video… Religion should not be a factor in
    whether or not someone is allowed to live their life without
    discrimination. A good person should be able to see the cruelty of
    discrimination and act against it without being obligated by the promise of
    heaven or fear of punishment from their deity. Not to mention that all this
    shit about Islam, Islam and Christianity are such similar religions, to
    hate Islam is like to hate Judaism. LGBTQ are not hurting anyone. Leave us

  36. well im just going based of statistics ive seen. gay hate crimes have never
    been as hgihas they are now in sweden. theres also a lot of anti-semitism,
    especially in places like malmo. this is all based off statistics and
    research though, ive never been to sweden.

  37. @TheLagunaSunrise Then if you were the one being discriminated against, you
    shouldn’t care or fight it, you should deal with it. Many countries have
    modernized since those prejudiced views. Unfortunately, much of Africa is
    still primitive, one of the reasons why it’s a shit hole.

  38. @TheLagunaSunrise For fucks sake you can’t compare cannibalism to being
    attracted to a particular gender, there completely different things… And
    actually going by science and logic… (something someone like you fails to
    understand) is in fact across the bulk of Europe and western cultures that
    fastest growing “religious” movement is ironically atheism… 60% of
    Germany don’t abide by any religion, and it’s only increasing as the years
    go by… so yeah, that’s really gonna happen (rolls eyes)

  39. @DerekWilliamsMusic It’s irrelevant what I think. The fact you’re focusing
    on this now proves you have no reply to what we were originally talking
    about. You clearly know nothing about Islam or the Muslim world. The fact
    you call it “modern Islam” proves how ignorant you are. There is no such
    thing as “modern Islam”. There is only one Islam – Islam. No “modern
    Islam”, no ‘liberal Islam’, no ‘fundamentalist Islam’… only ISLAM.

  40. @TheLagunaSunrise Rejecting gay rights is part of an old, ignorant, and
    prejudiced mind set. But, it’s all good, because as the world evolves and
    people become more intelligent, homophobia and other types of
    discrimination will begin to phase out. Peace!

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