11 Comments on “Response to Gay Rights Movement”

  1. The man that you mention that said, “you’re beautiful”, is Dustin Lance
    Black. He had won an award for his screenplay about Harvey Milk. If you
    look this up, the entire acceptance speech is encouraging.

  2. @xayden, The simplicity of the flesh… How can I expect for those of the
    flesh to understand that of the Spirit? The words of the devil means
    nothing for I know the words of the Lord. May the Lord of mercy on you for
    you support of sexual immorality, a sin of the flesh.

  3. Lust is a sin, in any form unless its between a man and his wife in a God
    blessed marriage. Anything else is the work of Satan…

  4. the video is fantastic and has a good message but it is also sad and great
    response 🙂 excellent work Emily <3

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