29 Comments on “RWW News: Does Beck Stand With Russian Gays Or The Anti-Gay Religious Right?”

  1. States that allow gay marriage: 19
    States that allow incest (first-cousin) marriage: 25

    Just let that sink in everyone.

  2. How can anyone accept or respect a man who wears clothes of women or put
    make up on his face, I see them always in faggot parades doing that,
    wearing underwear and dancing, you gotta be clinically insane and mentally
    ill to do that in public… In your privacy you can sink as low as you want
    but to spread that kind of abnormal behavior in the society and call it
    natural, your only cure is beheading just like they do in Saudi Arabia.

  3. How can you tell your organization is completely bat-shit-crazy? When Glenn
    Beck is your voice of reason.

  4. After getting their ass kicked in two presidential elections the Republican
    party performed an autopsy (their words) on what went wrong and why. They
    promised sweeping changes and a new and improved party. I see zero evidence
    for any of this at all.

  5. If you want to see the opposite of this to restore your faith in humanity,
    the Richard Dawkins Foundation just posted a bunch of footage from a
    Secular Coalition conference watch?v=ygPJiC_UfXU

  6. Glenn Beck is easily the least evil extreme right spokesmen. I may disagree
    with a lot of what he says but he is decent enough to condone taking away
    the freedom of gays. I guess that has to do with his Libertarianism, which
    allows him to have at least some common sense views. This being said, I
    wish he wasn’t so spineless and stood against the other right wingers who
    support mistreating gays.

  7. This is so telling about the right wingers. The group is fuckin insane. But
    hey, if they don’t mind pissing people off and making the country hate
    them, then I guess we can look forward to another democrat?

    Not that there’s much of a difference, both are corrupt as far as I see,
    though democrats *seem* to trend towards liberal…

  8. You know you are in a room filled with crazy people when Glenn Beck seems
    like the most normal guy speaking. 

  9. Glenn Beck is currently towing the middle-of-the-road government defiant
    libertarian line, rather than the traditional conservative bigot he was
    following a few years back.

  10. It’s a pretty sad commentary on the state of the right-wing in America when
    Glenn Beck is the voice of reason at the Value Voters Hatefest Summit.

  11. To the Christian Right ”homosexual-ity” is not two people pairing off
    into an adult monogamous consensual relationship. They believe
    ”homosexuality” is a person out of control f*ing children, and anyone
    with multiple partners spreading diseases. Look out for their change of
    words like homosexual-ITY, liberal_ISM etc. that they use to manipulate the

  12. I can’t believe someone stood up at the Value’s Voters meeting, said gays
    shouldn’t be killed or put in jail, and then made it out of the building
    alive…Beck must have some very good body guards.

  13. I personally believe that Glenn Beck and David Barton are same sex partners
    and they have been scamming right wing christians, and normally I would
    never defend the anti-gay Christians but they should be pissed at Barton
    and Beck for lieing about Americas history and rewriting it, no atheist or
    even liberal christian has lied to any conservative christian about the
    founding fathers who were Deist.

    Right wing Christians should never had this revisionist shit put onto them,
    they should embrace their real history in this country good and bad both,
    everyone makes mistakes, conservative Christians of the 1970s accepted it
    with out any problems, so yeah, right wing Christians have been taken
    advantage of by Glenn Beck and his same sex partner David Barton. Ever
    tried looking for Videos on the moral majority, you find many of them, but
    what about the national reform association? the first christ right group,
    they did more than just to try and pass an amendment, 1 maybe 2 vids, try
    old encyclopedias from the 1970s and 60s.

    I am pro gay rights i am only anti gay when it comes to Glenn Beck, David
    Barton,Alex Jones and his followers, same with Rand Paul and groupies, Ted
    Cruz, Bryon fischer Dave Duebinmire and Dr Chaps those are the only
    conservative gays I really do not like, I love left wing homosexuals i do
    not like right wing homosexuals, but conservative christians will never
    listen nor believe anything I just wrote. oh well

  14. Deport homosexuals?! Wow. Okay, so, these people are actually getting
    closer to Nazism now. It used to be a really a ridiculous hyperbole, but
    hearing this, it’s getting less ridiculous. 

  15. Alright, I am not a fan of Glenn Beck, and I appreciate Right-Wing Watch
    usually. This time, however, I do not see Glenn Beck as being whacky. He
    denounced homophobia in Russia, and he is not even a domestic typical
    American right-winger to my knowledge on that issue. So why is he
    considered a whacked job over this video? The other people are indeed
    whack jobs in the video without question…..

  16. The individuals in the clip after Beck (someone correct me if I have any of
    them misidentified):

    Bryan Fischer
    Peter Sprigg
    Mat Staver
    Tony Perkins
    Sandy Rios

  17. The speakers at the Values Voters Summit are sick and immoral.

    They are slandering Christianity by claiming to be Christians.

    They have no values. And should be supported by no voters. 

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