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  1. 10:09
    6 Mar 1997 – Wayne David Fischer, a New York City high school teacher who
    … the distribution of condoms, disclosed that he was gay and infected…

  2. @gombis666 no I did not, the word is not English and there are many
    variations, perhaps you will discover that if they ever let you graduate
    into second grade.

  3. some of those people in there need to have a tazer used on them to calm
    down. people lose creditiblity in a debate when they wave their arms around
    like kermit the frog and wont let anyone else speak. on one side you have
    the homosexual element, on the other you have conservatives, in the middle
    people who dont care either way and are just there for the free lunch.

  4. @ DexterHaven, go back and re watch what you claim to be a man stating he
    is “wearing a pink slip” Not once did he said that. You are lying and this
    kind of attitude shows you being against gays. This is the kind of trash
    talk that the gays and lesbians are talking about. Lies, lies, lies! Start
    getting honest and respectful.

  5. Why is this an issue any way? Who gives a crap what other people do in
    their room in their private time. It is a sad world when you judged by
    colour, sex, race etc.

  6. I’m glad Jackie was on the side of gay people. Sad that not much has
    changed 20+ years later (this show must be from 1990-92) in terms of some
    people’s attitudes. Although its at least a little better now. There was
    alot more open bashing back then.

  7. Actually your numbers are way off, the aprox. number of gay, lesbian,
    bi-sexual and transgender is closer to 9 million in the states alone. So on
    a global scale, the number conservatively jumps to 10’s of millions easily.

  8. natural and biological scientists observe the environment. If it occurs in
    the environment then its natural and biological!

  9. Yeah good idea, remove your child from education because you want him to be
    raised learning what you specifically want him to learn…because
    restricting knowledge is totally not a shitty parenting idea.

  10. There’s being gay and then there’s indecent exposure and being a public
    nussiance. The “gay pride parade” shown in this video is nothing to be
    proud off. Being gay is one thing but why do they feel the need to run
    around naked in public? I’m sorry there is nothing to proud off you’re
    flashing people out in the street.

  11. After Moslems take over the world?…What planet are you living on? I am
    not gay but Homosexuality exists in every corner of the globe. Thank God
    for multiple faiths, including no faith at all, what a shitty world it
    would be if we only had one faith to choose from!!

  12. 12.00: someone explain this to me for the love of god, why is it that on
    these talk shows the most homophobic person is almost ALWAYS the person who
    comes across as most gay?? Im i crazy?

  13. I like the guy who says he’s wearing a “pink slip” after time 12:25. How
    can you take him seriously? The problem with hate crimes is gays get more
    rights than other victims. They become a special class. You and I just get
    our attacker convicted of a battery. Their attacker gets an aggravated
    battery. Why? Because they are special. That’s not equality It’s advantage.
    Gays already get the best clothes and cologne and spa treatments. Now they
    want superior legal rights as criminal defendants. No.

  14. Right now there are 1,000,000+ gay people in the world. Notice how the
    world hasn’t ended, your marriages are still the same and that society
    hasn’t crashed. In fact if you took time out to read the facts you would
    notice that everything across the board has improved. Well unless you watch
    Fox News in which case the world will end in five years.

  15. interesting points.. I think that teaching that there are differences in
    people and respect for those differences is right.. but no more… and gays
    need the same rights as everyone.. as per our laws.. and as in the black
    history some added pertections are needed for gays, it seems some rights
    can be put a side for some because they are different and that is just not
    right.and 20 years has gone by from when this show aired and there has been
    little progress…

  16. I love the way homophobes always try to invent a link to paedophiles. Check
    the facts-most paedophiles are heterosexual. That’s because most people are
    heterosexual. The majority of child abuse takes place within family
    settings-does that mean we should ban families? A homosexual is no more
    likely to attempt to have sex with a child of the same sex than a
    heterosexual is to attempt to have sex with a child of the opposite sex.
    Your post is a meaningless succession of non-sequiturs. Sad.

  17. @Solon6633 yeah, you couldnt even have a show like this on tv anymore.
    Thumbs up Jackie! Most excellent of you to show how easily peoples rights
    can end up going down the tubes. Much better than what’s going on in the
    current media stream of bs.

  18. Would you consider me pedophobic because I think pedophilia is discusting
    and destructive? Am I zoophobic because I consider beastiality disgusting
    dangerious and destructive? People who use the term homophobic are
    ignorant. I dont think pedophiles, zoophiles, or homosexuals should be
    allowed alone around children…we should try to stop them from recruiting
    people into their dangerous and destructive lifestyle. What if zoophiles
    where actively trying to recruit and indocrinate children?

  19. character building is christian for “being a good christian…in jesus
    name…by the grace of god in the blood of jesus…” blah blah
    blah….Sexual activity among different sex service members within the same
    command structure is against regulations. “none of your business!!!”
    Brilliant JM! Havent seen any vids from you lately! hope youre doing
    alright and have some more of your wonderful rants coming for us in the

  20. Incest, beastiality, concensual pedophilia…yea who cares what they do in
    their bedroom……if you do your a hypocrite. Honestly its not what they
    do in their bedrooms that bothers me, its the danger of them being in
    charge of children, being allowed to raise children, teach children, and
    recruiting children among others into their destructive behaviour and

  21. @GanEdenAustralia and for folk who do not believe in the bible should they
    be burned at the stake or thrown off a cliff ?

  22. @GanEdenAustralia you are the exception to all of the physicians and people
    I know from Oz you really are there in down under or on second thought
    maybe you need to be more down under

  23. After the Moslems take over all this will be irelevant, but in the mean
    time if I don’t want a teacher teaching my child something I should have
    the right to remove my child from that class.

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