1. Le "Croissant" de Bath ! De beaux souvenirs avec mon mari. Soyez heureux les hommes. ❤️?️‍?❤️?️‍?❤️?️‍?❤️?️‍?❤️?️‍?❤️?️‍?

  2. Omg omg I'm screaming , holly sHITTTTTT!!!!! I'm crying T_T I can't believe you're engaged , I feel so proud of you guys. Ohhhh babies :,) I'm here from the start , when you guys started doing videos, I can't control my emotions, congratulations loves of my life, ilysm , all of my best wishes are for you. Huge hug for both. <3

  3. Congratulations on your Marraige, guys, have you set a date for the wedding yet? – by the way, when I travel home to Ireland and when I stay at a local guesthouse in my home County in Rural Ireland, they have the normal Full Irish Breakfast starting at 8.30 am and when I go over on the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin in Winter, they have a lot of building contractors and long distance delivery men who get up from 6.30 am for breakfast, but I have a terrible habit of napping after lunch when travelling, which means I cannot sleep at night

  4. I hope they do some sort of explanation on their breakup, makes me believe love isn't really anymore, what could go so wrong that you break off an engagement

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